Finding the upside of a downside market

By: Kevin Barlow
Posted on: July 31, 2020

The year so far has presented a challenging time for investors. However, periods of market dislocation also can provide opportunities on the financial planning side to create a better long-term position. Here are five things you can do right now to prepare for the future financially and take advantage of lower equity prices: Create a personal balance sheet and income statement Many of... READ MORE

A big chance to change spending habits

By: Josh Monroe
Posted on: July 31, 2020

In conversations with clients, colleagues and friends, there’s one habit many seem to struggle with: spending money. No matter how much we earn, the amount we spend often impacts more of a person’s future financial success than their income, savings or investment returns. Try as we might, cutting back our spending is never easy. Until now. The current pandemic has impacted all of us. ... READ MORE

Bonds still offer pockets of opportunity

By: Jeffrey R. Kosnett
Posted on: July 13, 2020

Bonds survived a brutal financial upheaval, reinforcing my confidence that positive returns will extend through the remainder of this strange year, albeit with massive help from the Federal Reserve. There will be more bad days and shrill headlines, and you can expect a bulge in corporate debt downgrades to junk status in the most-depressed industries and localities. But actual defaults... READ MORE

Is your target date fund letting you down?

By: Liz Weston
Posted on: July 09, 2020

Target date investments are supposed to be an easier way to invest, and they’re a popular choice in 401(k) plans. But the recent market downturn showed that some target date strategies suffered much bigger losses than others, especially for investors nearing retirement. Target date investments did protect near-retirees from the full force of the sell-off. While U.S. stocks overall... READ MORE

Ethical wills let you share life’s lessons

By: Alina Tugend
Posted on: July 07, 2020

Rebecca Schreiber, a Manhattan real estate agent, was getting her papers in order after a divorce and decided that, along with redoing her legal will, she would also write up an ethical will for her two young children. “It was a way to convey my wishes and hopes to my children,” Schreiber, 42, said. Ethical wills, or legacy letters as they are also called, are documents to... READ MORE

Five stocks to consider buying now

By: Anne Kates Smith
Posted on: July 01, 2020

With the market finding its way through tricky economic territory, investors will have to strike a careful balance between offensive and defensive moves. These five stocks will help you finesse your approach with a blend of classic safety plays, companies that will shine as the economy recovers, and companies poised to profit in a post-pandemic world: American Electric Power (AEP, $81):... READ MORE