Avoid the latest phone and email scams

By: Liz Weston
Posted on: September 13, 2019

Some of us in the personal finance realm have a weird little hobby: We try to scam the scam artists. We’re not out to steal their money — just their time. When fraudsters call to say we’re about to be arrested for tax debt, our Social Security number has been “suspended” or a loved one is in trouble, we play along. This gives us valuable insight into how the scams operate... READ MORE

Considering a timeshare? Don’t you ever!

By: H. Dennis Beaver
Posted on: September 11, 2019

Over the past several years I’ve written about the nightmares that timeshare owners lived through, both when first purchasing — often under physical and mental duress — and then when attempting to get themselves out of their contracts. I had never before said, “Don’t ever buy a timeshare!” But no more. I now believe that because of the nature of timeshare contracts — and ... READ MORE

Beacon celebrates 20th year of 50+Expos

By: The Beacon
Posted on: September 10, 2019

For the past 20 years, the Beacon newspaper has been providing free community education events every fall for readers and their families. Known as the 50+Expos, they are held in both suburban Maryland and Northern Virginia for the convenience of residents throughout the metro area. Between the two events, more than 100 informative exhibitors will provide giveaways and helpful... READ MORE

Retirement requires a shift in thinking

By: Jonathan Imber
Posted on: September 10, 2019

For most of your investing life, you’ve probably been encouraged to build a portfolio that balances risk and return — achieving the highest returns possible based on your personal tolerance for risk. For most people, that means living with a certain amount of volatility in exchange for growing a comfortable nest egg for their retirement years. You can lose money taking on too much ... READ MORE

How to avoid critical mistakes later in life

By: Elliot Raphaelson
Posted on: September 09, 2019

Although the divorce rate of younger couples has been dropping, the National Center for Health Statistics and the U.S. Census Bureau report that the divorce rate for married people over 50 has doubled, and for those ages 65 and older the rate has approximately tripled since 1990. Some financial planners have specialized in this area, and can provide the necessary guidance to families... READ MORE

Don’t be so sure you can ID a scammer

By: Liz Weston
Posted on: September 09, 2019

Believing that fraud can’t happen to us — because we’re too smart, logical or informed — may make us more vulnerable. Successful scam artists skillfully overcome our defenses and get us into emotional states that override logical thinking, said Kathy Stokes, AARP’s director of fraud prevention programs. “Scammers call it getting the victim under the ether,” she... READ MORE