Economic abuse and fraud on the rise

By: Elliot Raphaelson
Posted on: June 13, 2019

Unfortunately, there is a great deal of financial abuse and fraud in our country, and much of it is aimed at individuals 50 and older. Attorney Michael Hackard, the founder of a California law firm that focuses on estate and trust litigation, has self-published an informative, comprehensive book, The Wolf at the Door, now in paperback. This book can be helpful to people with elderly ... READ MORE

Smart ways to handle an inheritance

By: Sandra Block
Posted on: June 12, 2019

We’ve all heard stories about individuals who passed away quietly after a life of frugality, leaving a fortune to their unsuspecting heirs or, occasionally, a beloved pet. The reality is a lot less riveting. Although two-thirds of baby boomers are expected to receive an inheritance — mostly from parents — longer life spans and the rising cost of healthcare can shrink the size of... READ MORE

Readers’ financial questions answered

By: Kimberly Lankford
Posted on: June 11, 2019

Q: An address listed on my credit report is incorrect. Is there any reason to start a dispute to change it? — K.K. A: It’s a good idea to fix the error. The incorrect address could be the result of a “mixed file,” when information of two individuals gets combined into one credit report, or “it could be an indication of an attempt at identity theft,” said Paul Stephens of the... READ MORE

Beware of these rewards cards gotchas

By: Lisa Gerstner
Posted on: June 10, 2019

You drop a hundred bucks on groceries at Walmart, fill your tank at the store’s gas station and pay for both purchases with a credit card that claims to offer heightened rewards on grocery and gas spending. But when you check your statement later, you find that the transactions got a measly 1% cash back, instead of the 3% or more you were expecting. What gives? Purchases from... READ MORE

Share your financial plan with progeny

By: Joe Vietri
Posted on: June 07, 2019

As my children grow older, I grapple with a mix of emotions — some sadness and nostalgia for when they were small enough to sit on my lap, but above all, excitement for them to learn and experience life on their own. Both of my sons are in college now, and a large part of the transition they are making to adulthood is related to how they engage with and take responsibility for their... READ MORE

Make each dollar you spend spark joy

By: Sean Pyles
Posted on: June 06, 2019

Famous organizer Marie Kondo has inspired countless people to wipe out clutter. Her KonMari organizing method, popularized by her book and Netflix series, lays out how to get more joy from your life and possessions. This approach can extend to your money, too. Applying her mindset can reduce the financial clutter in your life and help you make a better plan for each dollar. Here’s how... READ MORE