A tour of country music’s highlights

By: Kristin M. Hall
Posted on: November 12, 2019

Country music is a uniquely American art form, with its roots in the fiddle from European immigrants and the African banjo, all the way through its explosion as a commercial art form that has reflected the social, economic and cultural changes within our country. Ken Burns took on the gargantuan task of telling the story of country music in his eight-part PBS documentary series Country... READ MORE

Do Airbnb, Uber & Lyft save you money

By: Ed Perkins
Posted on: November 11, 2019

The sharing economy offers two major opportunities for travelers to depart from the conventional: Airbnb rather than hotels for accommodations, and Uber or Lyft in place of taxis for local transportation. A few recent studies have looked at comparative costs in various major cities around the world, and the overall answer to the “which is best” question remains as you might expect:... READ MORE

All aboard for fall foliage trips by train

By: Ed Perkins
Posted on: October 11, 2019

Leaf peeping is traditionally a windshield tourism activity, but lots of folks believe that a train ride is even better. Fortunately, you have lots of options. Options aboard Amtrak Amtrak’s top fall foliage trip is the New York-Montreal Adirondack, especially the segment between Albany and Montreal through the valley that separates the Adirondacks and the Green Mountains. Amtrak... READ MORE

What happens aboard a cruise ship?

By: Victor Block
Posted on: October 09, 2019

One evening during our cruise on the Danube River, my wife and I listened to a fascinating discussion about the cultures and customs in four Eastern European countries. Another presentation dealt with the present-day refugee situations in Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia. During our cruise, time spent aboard the ship turned out to be more — much more — than just a... READ MORE

A journey in classic cars down Route 66

By: Don Mankin
Posted on: October 03, 2019

In the 1940s, everyone was humming about how to “get your kicks on Route 66,” thanks to Nat King Cole and his hit. In the 1960s, the road fed the fevered imagination of an entire generation due to the two cool, good-looking guys in their hot Corvette who starred in the TV show “Route 66” during those years. Back in the day, yours truly — a decidedly uncool, homely teenager... READ MORE

Visiting European capitals via the Danube

By: Victor Block
Posted on: October 02, 2019

“Now we’re heading toward Durnstein, one of the loveliest towns in Austria,” the voice over the ship’s loudspeaker intoned. “So many artists have gathered at one spot to portray the magnificent surrounding landscape that it became known as the Painters’ Corner.” As our vessel continued its journey on the Danube River, my wife and I joined other passengers in oohing and... READ MORE