Most and least dangerous places to visit

By: Ed Perkins

Reports about the most dangerous destinations are more useful than reports about the safest: After all, countries rated as safest generally fall under the “round up the usual suspects” meme and many of the most dangerous destinations are obvious to anyone who reads a newspaper or watches the evening news. But a few recent reports point out a few places you might be considering —... READ MORE

Three enchanting weeks in sultry Sumatra

By: Don Mankin

The young orangutan swung on a vine like an Olympic gymnast. From the look on his face, it was clear that he was having a great time performing for the sweaty hikers who had trekked through the Sumatran jungle to catch his show. My wife and I were in the orangutan reserve on the edge of Bukit Lawang in Northern Sumatra on a trip hosted by Eldertreks — an adventure travel company... READ MORE

Find places to stay for next to nothing

By: Melissa Lambarena

Credit card rewards can be your ticket — literally your plane ticket — to a dream destination. But even if you’ve earned what you need to get to where you’re going, the accommodations could be a different story. What do you do if you don’t have enough points or miles left for lodging? You can slash those costs, too, if you’re willing to get out of your comfort zone. That... READ MORE

Changes to Eurail Pass boost flexibility

By: Ed Perkins

Eurail Pass just announced the biggest overhaul in its 60 years of existence. Among the key features: — Eurail Select Passes Discontinued: Most passes valid for travel in contiguous sets of two, three or four countries are gone. Most one-country passes remain, but if you want to travel in more than one country, your best option now is a 31-country Global pass. Fortunately, the... READ MORE

Area venue harbors entertainment galore

By: Victor Block

John and Betty Armstrong are mesmerized by a dramatic aluminum sculpture that depicts a giant emerging from the ground, his face contorted as he struggles to free himself. Barbara Brackett and Sam Bradford enjoy a movie projected on a giant screen set at the edge of the Potomac River. The appeals for Marilyn and Michael Meyers and their two grandchildren include riding a carousel,... READ MORE

Scenic Oregon, unpretentious Portland

By: Victor Block

Visitors to Oregon soon come to admire its varied landscapes, be fascinated by intriguing chapters of history, and enjoy its well-deserved reputation as a cornucopia of tasty fruits, vegetables and outstanding wine. No wonder the state has ranked high on many “best of” lists. At the same time, Oregon is as much a lifestyle as a destination. It’s among the most... READ MORE