See lesser-known Washington memorials

By: Glenda C. Booth
Posted on: February 26, 2021

Albert Einstein sits on a white granite bench in downtown Washington, D.C., with a notebook in hand and a pensive look on his bronze face. But the four-ton, 12-foot statue of the world-famous physicist is often overlooked by tourists and locals, despite its location in front of the National Academy of Sciences, just across the street from the National Mall. Of course, many of D.C.’s... READ MORE

International travel pass in development

By: Ed Perkins
Posted on: February 08, 2021

IATA, the International Air Transport Association, is developing a digital “Travel Pass” data system that it hopes will serve as the standard “health pass” for international air travelers. The basic idea is simple: a computer system collects your personal ID information, the results of your most recent vaccinations and tests, current information on how well those vaccinations and ... READ MORE

Good news for those contemplating trips

By: Ed Perkins
Posted on: February 05, 2021

Most of you may remember Gabriel Heatter, a radio newscaster who, no matter how dire the country’s situation, would start off each broadcast with “There’s good news tonight,” leading into some trivial, feel-good item. That’s the context in which, given the ceaseless downpour of bad coronavirus news, I’m glad to lead off with some upbeat items. Rocky Mountaineer, the... READ MORE

Appalachia offers simple life and luxury

By: Victor Block
Posted on: February 04, 2021

Last fall, my wife, Fyllis, and I visited southwestern Virginia, home to a luxury boutique resort which has won accolades as among the best resorts in the country. But we also took time to explore the area around the resort, Patrick County, whose slogan is “Experience the simple life.” Located along the Virginia-North Carolina border, about a five-hour drive from Washington, D.C., ... READ MORE

American’s guide to the Queen’s English

By: Rick Steves
Posted on: January 11, 2021

As we’ve had to postpone our travels because of the pandemic, I believe a weekly dose of travel dreaming can be good medicine. These thoughts about communicating on the road in Britain are a reminder of the fun that awaits us at the other end of this crisis. Oscar Wilde famously said that the English “have really everything in common with America nowadays — except, of course,... READ MORE

Being bold in Boulder during a pandemic

By: Tony Glaros
Posted on: January 07, 2021

Practically speaking, no one in their right mind would dare drive to Colorado during a life-altering pandemic. Or stay in motels in the nation’s heartland while it’s in the grip of a deadly virus. So, what does that make me and my wife? We will not soon forget the 1,600-mile road trip we took this fall to help our son move to Denver. We spent five weeks out West, returning in time... READ MORE

Italian cuisine reveres quality of ingredients

By: Rick Steves
Posted on: December 10, 2020

As we’ve had to postpone our travels because of the pandemic, I believe a weekly dose of travel dreaming can be good medicine. Here’s one of my favorite European memories. And, like so many, it involves eating in Italy — a reminder of the delicious experiences that await us at the other end of this crisis. Spending a month in Italy, the thought of eating anything other than... READ MORE

Smoky Louisiana sausage has its own trail

By: Todd A. Price
Posted on: December 04, 2020

A thick, spicy pork sausage called andouille links together Louisiana’s River Parishes. An essential ingredient in gumbo, jambalaya and even seafood boils, andouille adds smoky depth to dishes across Cajun country. Now the River Parishes, which straddle the Mississippi River between New Orleans and Baton Rouge, have created an Andouille Trail, an online map showing where you can buy,... READ MORE

Ways to get more bang for your travel buck

By: Don Mankin
Posted on: December 03, 2020

What does a travel writer do while waiting for the world to return to normal? Reminisce about past trips? Fantasize about future trips? Reorganize the sock drawer for the umpteenth time? All of the above, plus reflect on what I’ve learned from my 14 years as a travel writer and almost 50 years as a professional psychologist. From this perspective, I have identified a few ways to... READ MORE

Is there a travel adviser in your future?

By: Ed Perkins
Posted on: November 18, 2020

For any upcoming trips, many of you will turn to a travel adviser to help with the arrangements — some for the first time. When internet travel agencies and search systems first blossomed, some observers predicted the “end” for conventional travel agents. And many such agencies did, in fact, disappear. But others survived, in part by morphing into travel advisers. Specifically,... READ MORE