Memorable meals from around the world

By: Victor Block and Fyllis Hockman

Enjoying our first dinner during a group tour of Sicily, we turned to the guide and told him that the meal was excellent. His reply was as delightful as it was surprising. “People can steal my money, but not my food,” Alessio remarked. He followed that remark by claiming, “If lunch or dinner doesn’t have at least five courses, it’s just a snack.” Those words told us a lot... READ MORE

Enjoy winter’s beauty from aboard a train

By: Ed Perkins

You can easily enjoy great winter snowscapes without fighting the drifts and the ice: Just take a train. Enjoy the sights from a comfortable, wide seat, through a panorama window, maybe while sipping something cold or warm. Except in unusual circumstances, railroads keep their tracks open through snowfall heavy enough to shut down the highways. And many travel on routes with better... READ MORE

Deceptive hotel fees, pricing continue

By: Ed Perkins

Why should the airlines have all the fun? Apparently, the hotel business gazed at the airlines’ use of various fees and deceptions and decided to get into the act. As a result, the next time you book a hotel, you face some serious barriers to getting accurate and complete cost information before you buy — and maybe not even then. Big hotel chains have been telling you that booking ... READ MORE

Another Georgia: resort on the Black Sea

By: Kevin Begos

Want to learn about the origins of winemaking? You’ll have to go about 2,000 miles east of Bordeaux, France, to the Republic of Georgia, in the Caucasus Mountains. After being part of the Soviet Union for decades, Georgia declared independence in 1991, and the country has embraced tourism and development. This beautiful and affordable country has many attractions for both budget and ... READ MORE

The Golden Isles of Georgia and Florida

By: Glenda Booth

Vast saltwater marshes fringe southeast Georgia’s and northern Florida’s barrier islands, acres of luscious wetlands of thick golden reeds and grasses swaying in the gentle breeze as far as the eye can see. The Spanish dubbed them Islas de Oro (the Golden Isles) in the 1700s, even though they failed to find the hoped-for gold. But eventually the gold came to them, when northern... READ MORE

Beware of travel insurance from airlines

By: Ed Perkins

“Flyer Beware” is the heading of a new report on travel insurance, but that’s different from “Don’t Buy.” Although some writers have picked up on the report as a recommendation to avoid travel insurance, generally, that really isn’t the case. Instead, the report focuses on the insurance policies that airlines and online travel agencies (OTA) offer automatically during the... READ MORE