Steady diet of bad news is bad for health

By: David Bauder
Posted on: June 03, 2020

Heidi Van Roekel makes instructional art videos for YouTube when coronavirus news overwhelms her. Bill Webb takes his boat out. Stacy Mitchell searches her TV for something — anything — to make her laugh. Paradoxically, Kevin Reed, a software designer from Kenmore, Washington, has binged “The Walking Dead” after turning off the news. He’d rather watch fake, flesh-eating zombies ... READ MORE

Study seeks to improve stroke recovery

By: Margaret Foster
Posted on: June 03, 2020

Every year, 750,000 Americans suffer a stroke, which damages the brain’s ability to send messages to nerves and muscles. As a result, about 60% of stroke survivors lose control of their arms and hands.  One axiom doctors recite after a stroke is, “Use it or lose it.” In other words, if patients practice using their muscles, they will improve their function. However, inactivity can ... READ MORE

Many spices are natural blood thinners

By: Suzy Cohen
Posted on: June 02, 2020

Sadly, we’re hearing more about strokes and blood clots lately. Apparently, this is a rare but possible concern with COVID-19.  It is disheartening because, at first, researchers thought this virus stayed in the lungs. But now we know it can affect all human tissues and organs.  A research study led by doctors at RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences in Dublin found that ... READ MORE

Help Alzheimer’s researchers from home

By: Margaret Foster
Posted on: May 22, 2020

What if you could advance our understanding of Alzheimer’s by simply taking a survey from your sofa?  Researchers at Boston University and Savonix hope to enroll 400,000 people in a study nationwide that will search for the causes of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. The results could contribute to our ability to diagnose the disease. “It’s a game-changer to be able to say,... READ MORE

A new target in fight against dementia

By: Veena J. Alfred, Ph.D.
Posted on: May 21, 2020

The body’s immune system can turn against itself: What evolved as a protective mechanism can, under different circumstances, actually cause harm. Scientists have discovered that there is, in fact, something in the brain that plays an immensely important protective and beneficial role but can also, under certain circumstances, cause damage — and they have linked it, possibly, to... READ MORE

Thinking about traveling abroad one day?

By: By Christian Ruiz
Posted on: May 21, 2020

Q: When this pandemic quarantine lifts, I am planning to travel outside the country. I heard from a friend about his bad experience with “travelers’ diarrhea.” What can I do to prevent that and fully enjoy my trip? A: While travelers’ diarrhea is one of the most predictable illnesses for travelers, the old rule that you should “boil it, cook it, peel it or forget it” has... READ MORE