Choosing the yogurt that’s best for you

By: Harvard Health Letters

There are so many kinds of yogurt in the dairy aisle these days, it can be tough to know which to choose. That’s a great problem to have. Many of the yogurts that have hit store shelves in the past decade offer nutritional benefits including higher protein levels, more calcium and additional choices for people who want to enjoy the benefits of yogurt, but with less added sugar — or... READ MORE

Many treatments for thumb arthritis pain

By: Sanjeev Kakar, M.D.

Dear Mayo Clinic: What can be done about thumb arthritis besides having surgery to relieve the pain? A: There are a number of therapies to consider before turning to surgery to treat thumb arthritis. Although these therapies may not always provide long-term relief, for most people with thumb arthritis, they can effectively lessen symptoms, and surgery may not be necessary. Surgery for ... READ MORE

Annual memory checks often forgotten

By: Lauran Neergaard

Few older people get their thinking and memory abilities regularly tested during check-ups, according to a new report from the Alzheimer’s Association. Medicare pays for an annual “wellness visit” that is supposed to include what’s called a cognitive assessment — a brief check for some early warning signs of dementia, so people who need a more thorough exam can get... READ MORE

Pneumonia vaccine study may save lives

By: Margaret Foster

We’ve all heard tragic stories about the loss of loved ones to pneumonia or complications of pneumonia. It’s especially deadly for older adults. “We are not yet winning the battle against pneumonia,” according to the American Thoracic Society, which notes that pneumonia was one of the most expensive conditions in inpatient hospitalizations, costing nearly $9.5 billion in... READ MORE

Make overnight oatmeal with grandkids

By: America’s Test Kitchen

If you think oatmeal only comes in a packet, think again. They know about oatmeal in Ireland and Scotland, where whole-grain, steel-cut oats are popular. Yes, these slightly chewy oats take longer to cook than old-fashioned rolled oats (and way longer than instant oats in a packet), but the results are so much better. To shorten the usual half-hour cooking time, start the process at... READ MORE

Active listening benefits all generations

By: Alexis Bentz

There was a poster hanging in my eighth-grade health classroom that I can still visualize. It read in a brightly colored font, “‘Listen’ and ‘silent’ are spelled with the same letters.” That poster echoed the message that we have been taught from an early age but often ignore: that merely hearing, or the act of perceiving sound by the ear, doesn’t cut it. Only by... READ MORE