At FDA, a new goal, then a push for speedy device reviews

By: Matthew Perrone

Dr. Jeffrey Shuren was adamant: The United States would never cut corners to fast-track the approval of medical devices. “We don't use our people as guinea pigs in the U.S.,” Shuren said, holding firm as the new director of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's medical devices division. Again and again in 2011 — four times in all — Shuren was summoned before Congress.... READ MORE

New drug shortens, eases flu symptoms

By: AP

U.S. health regulators have approved the first new type of flu drug in two decades. The approval of Xofluza for people age 12 and older comes just ahead of the brunt of this winter’s flu season. Xofluza is a pill that can reduce severity and shorten duration of flu symptoms after one just dose. It was developed by the Roche Group and Shionogi & Co. It works about as well as... READ MORE

How to avoid the flu and colds this winter

By: Heather Rucker

Q: It seems like everyone I know is getting sick with a cold or the flu recently. How can I protect myself from getting sick too? A: With chilly air and snowy weather come all kinds of conditions — the flu, the common cold and everything in between. However, there are a number of things you can do to keep yourself well and prevent the spread of germs to loved ones. Here are... READ MORE

Breast implants reveal problems in tracking device safety

By: Meghan Hoyer

To all the world, it looked like breast implants were safe. From 2008 to 2015, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration publicly reported 200 or so complaints annually — a tiny fraction of the hundreds of thousands of implant surgeries performed each year. Then last fall, something strange happened: Thousands of problems with breast implants flooded the FDA's system. More than 4,000... READ MORE

Consider adding dandelions to your diet

By: Suzy Cohen

You might well consider dandelions to be a pesky weed, but this potent wildflower contains an impressive arsenal of nutritious compounds that you may want to add to your diet. I’m referring to dandelions as in Taraxacum officinale. This notoriously bitter weed is packed with protein, minerals and more vitamin C than spinach. The entire plant is actually edible, though I’ve never... READ MORE

Don’t enable abuse; stand up for yourself

By: Helen Oxenberg

Dear Solutions: I hope you can help me find a better way to react to my husband when he blames me for things and yells and screams at me. We went to dinner with two other couples, and I wanted to order a clam appetizer. The other two women wanted to share it, so we ordered it for the three of us. When the other two men saw it, they wanted it also and decided to order it for the three of... READ MORE