55+ cohousing communities taking off

By Sharon Jayson
Posted on March 29, 2018

The 5-mile hikes, yoga classes and communal dinners are now routines for the residents at PDX Commons Cohousing in Portland, Ore. These 39 individuals (about half married or partnered, but largely strangers to the others at first) started forging relationships well before they moved in late last summer to join a trend called cohousing. “Here, you walk in and know every one of the... READ MORE

Baltimore Housing Notes – April 2018

By Barbara Ruben
Posted on March 29, 2018

First CCRC in Harford County Harford County’s first Continuing Care Retirement Community is slated to open in 2020 on a 47-acre campus in Bel Air, Md. Called Carsins Run at Eva Mar, the community is part of the nonprofit Presbyterian Home of Maryland. Carsins Run will include independent and assisted living, as well as nursing and memory care for those over 60. There are six... READ MORE

Chronically ill can get Medicare home care

By Susan Jaffe
Posted on March 28, 2018

Colin Campbell needs help dressing, bathing and moving between his bed and his wheelchair. He has a feeding tube because his partially paralyzed tongue makes swallowing “almost impossible,” he said. Campbell, 58, spends $4,000 a month on home healthcare services so he can continue to live in his home just outside Los Angeles. Eight years ago, he was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral ... READ MORE

Smart homes – Not just for high-tech geeks

By Anick Jesdanun
Posted on March 28, 2018

Internet-connected lights, locks and laundry machines are close to becoming everyday household items, thanks in part to voice-activated speakers such as Amazon’s Echo and Google Home. Market research groups are seeing increased sales of lights that turn off when you say “good night,” smart locks that let in your friends before you get home, and similar smart-home gadgets. While... READ MORE

Montessori programs grow in popularity

By Carol Sorgen
Posted on March 27, 2018

More than five million Americans are currently living with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias. As this number continues to grow, many senior living communities are incorporating specially designed memory care programs based on the Montessori method of education. Montessori schools for children focus on learning that engages the senses and focuses on a child’s particular needs and ... READ MORE

How to prevent water damage this winter

By Kimberly Lankford
Posted on January 19, 2018

How to prevent water damage this winter Kimberly Lankford Q: What can I do to avoid water damage this winter? I know my insurance policy doesn’t cover flooding, but does it pay for other types of water damage claims? A: Yes. Homeowners insurance covers water damage, such as from leaks and burst pipes, or water that comes into your home through your roof and windows. In fact,... READ MORE

Don’t let a moving company scam you

By Justin Lavelle
Posted on January 18, 2018

Moving can be stressful. Moving across the country can even be tedious and scary. Choosing the right moving company can make or break your moving experience, so be sure to do your homework to avoid being taken advantage of on moving day. Beware of these two scams that are common in the moving industry: Grossly under bidding a job, then holding belongings hostage for an... READ MORE

Get an Uber or Lyft ride without the app

By Barbara Ruben
Posted on January 16, 2018

With their on-demand, prompt transportation services, ride hailing apps like Uber and Lyft have transformed the ease of getting from Point A to Point B at a price generally cheaper than a taxi. But for those who don’t own a smartphone, or who can’t quite get the hang of downloading an app, or read the tiny print once it’s on their phone, these new transportation options have passed ... READ MORE

Your disaster kit needs a home inventory

By Barbara Marquand
Posted on January 15, 2018

Imagine losing everything in a disaster like Hurricane Harvey, then having to list all of your possessions to file an insurance claim — every plate, holiday decoration and piece of clothing for starters. Without a home inventory, this would be the toughest memory test you’d ever face, and forgotten items could cost you in the form of a lower insurance payout. “You can lose... READ MORE

Divvying up family belongings peacefully

By Jim Miller
Posted on January 12, 2018

Dear Savvy Senior: What’s the best way to distribute my personal possessions to my kids after I’m gone without causing hard feelings or conflict? I have a lot of jewelry, art, family heirlooms and antique furniture, and three grown kids that don’t always see eye-to-eye on things.  — Planning Ahead Dear Planning: Divvying up personal possessions among adult children ... READ MORE