Mistakes that even smart investors make

By: Elliot Raphaelson

Everybody knows somebody who purports to be an investment maven. You might even like to consider yourself one.However, while we always hear about the winning picks these favored few make, we don’t commonly hear about their mistakes. And, to hear Larry Swedroe tell it, “smart” investors make mistakes all the time.Swedroe, a money manager and columnist for CBS... READ MORE

Avoid pitfalls when starting a business

By: Elliot Raphaelson

Many Americans dream of starting a small business. For some, it’s a way of doing something they love while being their own boss. For others, it’s an idea they turn to after losing a job or retiring.What every aspiring small business owner needs to know is that starting an enterprise takes a lot of work and investment, and the chances of failure are high.Most small businesses... READ MORE

Dividend-paying stocks still looking good

By: Mark Jewell

Stock investors as a group ran in place in last year. The Standard & Poor’s 500 index ended 2011 about where it started.Invest in a stock mutual fund, and you likely ended up losing because of fee expenses. About three-quarters of the U.S. stock fund categories that Morningstar tracks closed out the calendar year with a loss.That’s another knock for investors who are still... READ MORE

How CDs can work for savers

By: Kiplinger’s Personal Finance

For money you can tie up for a few months or more — say, a portion of your emergency fund that you wouldn’t need for at least three months, or money earmarked for tuition or retirement income — consider certificates of deposit. CDs come with maturities that typically range from three months to five years, with longer maturities offering higher yields.You can invest in a... READ MORE

How to collect your unclaimed bonds, funds, refunds

By: Kiplinger’s Personal Finance

Although there are plenty of scam artists who claim to be from the IRS, this announcement is for real: The Internal Revenue Service is holding on to $153.3 million worth in tax refund checks that were returned to the agency because of mailing-address errors.The average check is $1,547, so it could be worthwhile doing a search using the IRS’s “Where’s My Refund?” tool ... READ MORE

Learn these rules to profit in the market

By: Jeffrey R. Kosnett

It’s no longer the stock market — it’s the stuck market. Or at least that’s what it seemed like for much of last summer and fall as the Dow Jones industrial average fluctuated between roughly 10,500 and 11,600.What’s upsetting is that all that motion didn’t earn you much. The major market indexes and your investment balances ended up flat after weeks or... READ MORE