Free map apps help drivers and walkers

By: Anick Jesdanun

Many people use smartphone apps to map their drive to dinner or find a less-congested route to work. But did you know that you can use them for public transit, too? You can even access some maps when your Internet connection is down, such as in the subway, or if it’s spotty. Here’s a look at what leading free map apps can do for you, whatever mode of transportation you... READ MORE

New apps aim to help users lose weight

By: Daniel Pendick

Smartphones and tablets combine an extraordinary amount of portable computing power with Internet connections via cell phone signal and WiFi. Many health entrepreneurs are trying to harness that power to help people get healthier. According to one estimate, the number of health apps for phones may already top 40,000.Now the tough question: Do they actually work? A study published last fall... READ MORE

What happens to online files after you go?

By: Anne Flaherty

You’ve probably decided who gets the house or that family heirloom up in the attic when you die. But what about your email account and all those photos stored online?Grieving relatives might want access for sentimental reasons, or to settle financial issues. But do you want someone reading your exchanges on an online dating profile, or a spouse going through every email?The Uniform... READ MORE

Companies stealthily study customers

By: Mae Anderson

Think you’re in control? Think again.OKCupid, an online dating site, recently became the latest company to admit that it has manipulated customer data to see how users of its service would react to one another. The New York-based Internet company’s revelation followed news last July that Facebook let researchers change news feeds to see how it would affect users’ moods.The ... READ MORE

Google plans pill to search for illnesses

By: Brandon Bailey

Google is working on a cancer-detecting pill in its latest effort to push the boundaries of technology.Still in the experimental stage, the pill is packed with tiny magnetic particles, which can travel through a patient’s bloodstream, search for malignant cells, and report their findings to a sensor on a wearable device.As many as 2,000 of these microscopic “nanoparticles” ... READ MORE

What is ‘social media,’ and is it for you?

By: Morgan Lamphere and Carol Sorgen

There’s a notion common among many young people that older American’s don’t “get” social media. But actually, older adults are now the fastest-growing group of new users of social media in the United States.The growth has been spectacular: In 2013, 43 percent of Americans over 65 used at least one social networking site, compared with 26 percent in 2010 and... READ MORE