Immigration Museum welcomes newcomers

By: Carol Sorgen

“Not many people know that Baltimore was the third most active port — following New York and Boston — at which immigrants from many different nationalities across Europe would arrive in the United States,” said Brigitte Fessenden, president of the Baltimore Immigration Museum in Locust Point. “We want to highlight and promote the role Baltimore played during the country’s... READ MORE

Testing acupuncture against side effects

By: Carol Sorgen

Studies have shown that complementary medical therapies, such as acupuncture, can be highly effective in controlling symptoms of disease without the unpleasant side effects many traditional therapies have. GBMC and Mend Acupuncture are currently conducting a study to look at the use of acupuncture during cancer treatment as a cost-effective, non-drug tool for symptom management. The... READ MORE

Montessori programs grow in popularity

By: Carol Sorgen

More than five million Americans are currently living with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias. As this number continues to grow, many senior living communities are incorporating specially designed memory care programs based on the Montessori method of education. Montessori schools for children focus on learning that engages the senses and focuses on a child’s particular needs and ... READ MORE

Band brings back the Roaring Twenties

By: Carol Sorgen

Lynn Summerall loves the early big band sounds of the 1920s and 1930s, and is counting on Baltimore audiences to feel the same way. The Hampden resident is bringing the music of that era back with the Hotel Paradise Roof Garden Orchestra. They will perform in Hampden on Sunday, April 8, and Sunday, May 13, at Paulie Gee’s. The Hotel Paradise Roof Garden Orchestra is a 12-piece big... READ MORE

Moss and clover taking over your lawn?

By: Lela Martin

It’s almost spring, and you’re imagining an emerald green lawn. After a rain shower, you follow the rainbow to find moss and clover in your yard. Is this the luck o’ the Irish? Mosses naturally occur when the soil is compacted, acidic, and/or poorly drained. They also thrive in medium to dense shade or if there is repeated mower scalp of lawn turf. Under such conditions, these... READ MORE

Two exhibits for World War I centennial

By: Martha Steger

A statue of a Doughboy surrounded by bright red poppies with a backdrop of the graves in Flanders Fields stands at the end of one of two WWI centennial exhibits at the Virginia Museum of History and Culture. It’s a fitting symbol of the “war to end all wars,” as my father (born in 1917 and named “Wilson” in honor of President Woodrow Wilson) remembered it. The larger of the two ... READ MORE