A season for thanks

By: Stuart Rosenthal

I grew up in Texas, where the seasons were not all that distinct. Sure, the days got shorter in the fall, and many trees lost their leaves.But I find autumn much more tangible here. There’s a change in the air and in the way you feel when you walk outside.It’s almost as if the change in seasons represented a change in seasonings: there’s a different flavor to life, and a... READ MORE

Get expos-ed in October

By: Stuart Rosenthal

While the month of May is known as U.S. Older Americans Month, the month of October is the metro area’s Month of 50+Expos.Over a 10-day period this October, there will be 5 days of entertaining and informative events within easy driving distance of Howard County residents who are over 50 or love someone who is.The first such event happens Friday, October 17, right here in Howard... READ MORE

A very special woman

By: Stuart Rosenthal

Editor’s note: Just five months ago, my dear father passed away at the age of 93. In this space in the April Beacon, I ran the eulogy that I gave at his funeral.Little did we know that the stubborn cough my Mom had at Dad’s funeral was apparently the same pneumonia that he died of, and she recently succumbed to it and its complications as well. I did not expect to be writing... READ MORE

What do you have to say?

By: Bruben

From two brothers reuniting to co-author a novel to a former newspaper publisher recounting her career during the turbulent ‘60s, budding authors have been finding it easier to break into print over the last decade. While it’s harder than ever to make it out of the “slush pile” in traditional publishing houses these days, a revolution in self-publishing means that... READ MORE

Awesome subjects

By: Stuart Rosenthal

Expressing awe at anything nowadays makes one appear to be a simpleton, or at the very least, uncool.Of course, my children and their friends say “awesome” at almost any expression of good fortune. But I still think true awe — expressing amazement, wonder or astonishment at something — is a sentiment we are expected to keep under wraps, in favor of a more... READ MORE

Is everybody happy?

By: Stuart Rosenthal

When I was in high school, in the early 1970s, the comic strip “Peanuts” was deeply into the “Happiness is...” craze, which, I think, its creator Charles Schulz may have launched. Day after day, the popular strip would present another answer to the question “what is happiness?” by providing a different ending to the phrase, “Happiness... READ MORE