How the world works

By: Stuart Rosenthal
Posted on: November 22, 2017

When I was six years old, my father took our family to New York City (where he had a business trip) for a vacation. Among many other firsts for me on that eye-opening trip were my first visit to a World’s Fair and my first musical on Broadway: Oliver! I was instantly taken with the idea of the theatre. I already played piano and liked to sing, and there I saw a child about my age... READ MORE

Kudos to our writers

By: Stuart Rosenthal
Posted on: October 26, 2017

Each year, we enter a selection of our writers’ original stories in the journalism competitions of the National Mature Media Awards and the North American Mature Publishers Association (NAMPA). We do this for two reasons: One, as a way to be sure we are keeping up the quality of our writing compared with other publications throughout the country. Two, because we’re pretty... READ MORE

Finding a new passion

By: Stuart Rosenthal
Posted on: September 29, 2017

Long-time readers will note something odd about this issue. Well, maybe several things. But what I have in mind is that our cover story was written by me. I don’t do that very often, you may have noticed. So what moved me to do so this month? My personal story, in brief: I played piano throughout my school years, but pretty much put it aside once I got to college, and certainly... READ MORE

Free press survival

By: Stuart Rosenthal
Posted on: August 23, 2017

Do we have a sound, independent, even fierce press corps that digs out the truth at any cost and spares no one? Or are we surrounded by faux news outlets, “bot” reporters, and marketing pieces masquerading as legitimate reviews? Do we look to the press to inform us and enlighten us? Or do we read only those outlets that confirm our preconceived notions? These questions go to the... READ MORE

Can you relate?

By: Stuart Rosenthal
Posted on: August 01, 2017

You have probably seen some of the immense publicity devoted worldwide to the terminally ill British infant, Charlie Gard. Charlie was born with a rare genetic condition that has, in his 11 months of life so far, made him blind, deaf, subject to seizures, and caused irreversible brain damage. He cannot breathe without the aid of a ventilator. There are no known treatments for his... READ MORE

When you can’t budge it

By: Stuart Rosenthal
Posted on: June 19, 2017

The Trump administration issued a preliminary “skinny” budget proposal a few months ago, followed more recently by its official 2018 budget request to Congress. Of the many draconian cuts the budget would impose, I want to talk about two that would particularly affect older Americans were they to go into effect. These aren’t by any means the largest cuts, or even the cuts that... READ MORE