Immune system therapy kills off cancers

By: Marilynn Marchione
Posted on: August 06, 2014

Two years ago, Arrica Wallace was riddled with tumors from widely spread cervical cancer that the strongest chemotherapy and radiation could not beat back. Today, the Kansas mother shows no signs of the disease, and it was her own immune system that made it go away. The experimental approach that helped her is one of the newest frontiers in the rapidly advancing field of cancer... READ MORE

Common drug may cut Alzheimer’s risk

By: Beacon
Posted on: August 01, 2014

Research shows a common antidepressant may reduce production of one of the chief suspects behind Alzheimer’s, offering a new avenue in the hunt for drugs to prevent the devastating brain disease.It’s far too early for anyone worried about dementia to try the drug citalopram, which sells as the brand Celexa — and comes with side effects.“This is not the great new... READ MORE

The facts about genetically modified food

By: Dr. Michael Mahr
Posted on: July 31, 2014

Genetically modified foods have been around for years, but most people in the United States have no idea if they are eating them.The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said such foods don’t need to be labeled, so some states are moving forward on their own.Vermont recently became the first state to require labeling of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Bills and ballot... READ MORE

Too many caregivers try to go it alone

By: Heidi Godman
Posted on: July 17, 2014

History is repeating itself in my family. My mother has Parkinson’s disease, and my father is her caregiver. Forty years ago, my mom was the caregiver for her own mother, who had advanced Parkinson’s disease and dementia.I didn’t know my grandmother before she became frail and sick, but I knew that her children adored her. They couldn’t bear to place her in a nursing ... READ MORE

Do you have a food allergy or intolerance?

By: Beacon
Posted on: July 06, 2014

Walk down the aisles of your local supermarket, and you’ll see something you likely wouldn’t have encountered a decade ago — shelves devoted entirely to gluten-free cereals, breads, muffins and other foods. Restaurants have also jumped on the bandwagon, revising their menus to include dishes without gluten, a protein found in wheat.The gluten-free diet was designed for... READ MORE

Some ‘unhealthy’ foods are good for you

By: Beacon
Posted on: July 04, 2014

When you envision foods that wreck your diet or sabotage your health, what pops into your mind?There’s a good chance the list of foods you imagine includes options that could actually help you reduce stress, prevent heart disease, and ward off certain cancers.Unfortunately, once a food gets labeled “bad for your health,” it never seems to lose that description — even ... READ MORE