How to keep your pets safe this summer

By: Jorie Parr

No more sleeping in. Summertime means that Joseph Scott of Palm Springs and his mastiff, Dillon, 10, hit the pavement at 5:30 every morning. Then, except for short excursions, they don’t go walking again until about 9 to 9:30 p.m.The pair has been inseparable since Scott found a small puppy left in deplorable condition under a bush on Dillon Road near Desert Hot Springs. Instantly,... READ MORE

What’s all the fuss over dark chocolate?

By: Lori Zanteson

In addition to its great taste and enduring popularity, dark chocolate may help you fend off heart disease, diabetes, dementia and stroke.Chocolate has a variety of health-protective qualities thanks to its antioxidant flavonoids. The darker the chocolate, the higher level of flavonols (the main antioxidant found in cocoa and chocolate) it contains.Dark chocolate has a protective effect... READ MORE

Half of US adults 40 to 75 eligible for statins

By: Marilynn Marchione

Almost half of Americans ages 40 to 75, and nearly all men over 60, qualify to consider cholesterol-lowering statin drugs under new heart disease prevention guidelines, an analysis concludes.It’s the first independent look at the impact of the guidelines issued in November, and shows how dramatically they shift more people toward treatment.Supporters say the guidelines reveal the true ... READ MORE

Medical test surprises: Too much info?

By: Lauran Neergaard

It’s a growing side effect of modern medicine: A test for one condition turns up something completely unrelated. It might be a real danger, or an anxiety-provoking false alarm.Doctors dub this the dreaded “incidentaloma” — so-called incidental findings that tell people more than they bargained for, things they might not need, or want, to know.A U.S. presidential... READ MORE

Healthy diet may alter our genetic destiny

By: Sharon Palmer, R.D

At one time, if your mother had cancer, your genetic destiny for this disease seemed to be etched in stone. At least that was the old way of thinking about genetic predisposition for diseases, such as cancer and heart disease.But there’s been a paradigm shift in the way experts understand our inherited genetic profile, according to Roderick H. Dashwood, Ph.D., who spoke on genetics... READ MORE

Patients find joy and healing in singing

By: John Annarino

The vocal warm-up began with class members humming the notes of the scale. Then they sang “me may ma mo moo” over and over again — funny sounds that their singing made beautiful.The class is called SongShine Basics, and it’s taught by a remarkable woman, Dr. Ruthanna Metzgar, founder and president of the SongShine Foundation. Metzgar, a professional singer who has... READ MORE