How to evaluate a retirement community

By: Adele Winters

 If you’re considering a move for yourself or a family member to an independent living retirement community, there are a number of criteria you should consider before making your final decision.Among the most basic things to consider is the quality of the staff, facility and programming. Concern for residents’ safety is especially important.Look for:• On-site... READ MORE

Coping with clutter and hoarder disorder

By: Stephanie Watson

Many of us have trouble parting with our possessions — even when we no longer need them. I have a collection of greeting cards I’ve been storing since childhood and will probably never look at again. My husband owns a few pieces of clothing older than our 17-year marriage.Yet some people take their keepsakes to the extreme, holding onto decades’ worth of receipts,... READ MORE

What to know if you rent out your home

By: Melissa Rayworth

Cynthia Kent and her husband, John, didn’t set out to be landlords, but career choices made it necessary.“We have rented out our home in Florida for nine years because we move all over with the military,” said Kent, who recently relocated her family from Nevada to Alabama for yet another posting.Some people become accidental landlords because of a job change or difficulty... READ MORE

Why consider a housing referral service?

By: By Carol Sorgen

Arlene Scherr had been looking for a residential community for her mother for five years.“Every time I asked for help, though, I just got a piece of paper with a list of communities,” said the Owings Mills resident. Until, that is, Scherr was referred to Paula Sotir of Care Patrol.“Paula not only gave me a list of communities that she had already narrowed down as being a... READ MORE

CCRCs pair housing with health benefits

By: By Pat Mertz Esswein and Sandra Block

When Monica Rotchford couldn’t handle the stairs in her house anymore, she knew it was time for a change. She and her husband Charles had lived there for many years, but the house just didn’t make sense for them anymore.In their 90s, the Rotchfords were still very independent and didn’t require assisted living or skilled nursing care. They decided to look into continuing... READ MORE

Taking charge of how we live as we age

By: Beth Baker

The following is adapted from the introduction to the recently published book, With a Little Help from Our Friends: Creating Communities As We Grow Older (2014, Vanderbilt University Press) by Beth Baker, a writer living in Takoma Park, Md. The book explores many creative housing options for older adults, from home sharing to cohousing to aging-in-place villages.Lynne Moore, a 50-something... READ MORE