Build caregiving into your financial plan

By: Aya Kamenetz
Posted on: June 13, 2016

MetLife recently estimated that the total cost to the economy in lost wages, pension and Social Security benefits for adults taking care of aging parents and other relatives is nearly $3 trillion. For individuals providing day-to-day care, typically women, the average lifetime economic hit they take is a whopping $324,044.The impact of eldercare on a woman’s finances, in short, can be ... READ MORE

So you want to retire to another state?

By: Sandrzej
Posted on: April 15, 2016

Sorry, snowbirds! Florida is no longer one of the most preferred states for retirees. That’s at least according to a new survey by Bankrate, which ranked states on a variety of different criteria, including cost of living, crime, taxes and the quality of healthcare services.The top 10 list they came up with is long on scenic mountain states and included only one traditional “Sun ... READ MORE

CCRCs offer a lifetime of housing and healthcare

By: Sandrzej
Posted on: April 14, 2016

Continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs), or multi-level care facilities, assure their residents independent living as long as possible, and provide for assisted living and nursing assistance if or when it is needed.This type of living arrangement can be particularly useful to financially sound couples who are in need of different levels of care and who wish to maintain a strong... READ MORE

Adapt your home to be livable for years

By: William Hirsch
Posted on: April 13, 2016

As people age, many choose to stay in their current homes near friends, family, places of worship and other places that have become integral parts of their lives. This is part of a growing trend toward “aging in place.” The term applies to those who want to live as they have in their current home for as long as possible.As we age, our mobility and capabilities change. Steps can... READ MORE

She advocates for those in long-term care

By: Barbara Ruben
Posted on: March 29, 2016

In her first months on the job as Maryland state long-term care ombudsman, one of Steveanne Ellis’s first hurdles is making sure people know she exists. Ellis oversees the network of staff and volunteers across that state that help resolve resident problems in Maryland’s 230 nursing homes and 1,500 assisted living facilities.“We really want the residents and the staff to... READ MORE

Communities feature fur, fins and feathers

By: Carol Sorgen
Posted on: March 28, 2016

Through the nonprofit Pets on Wheels program, volunteers bring therapy dogs — dogs that enjoy human contact and have been trained to be at ease in all situations — to interact with residents of hospitals, nursing homes, schools, retirement communities and more.“My stress and anxiety just disappear when I’m playing with one of the dogs,” said Linda Schoene, a... READ MORE