Paring down your possessions

By Barbara Ruben
Posted on December 27, 2018

So your daughter isn’t interested in your collection of cat figurines, and your son has no room for the dining room table you inherited from your mother. Now what? If you’re working on streamlining all the stuff you’ve collected over the years, you have a number of options. Go to Google and enter your location and the various types of venues that might be of help — from... READ MORE

Your kids don’t treasure your treasures?

By Carol Sorgen
Posted on December 26, 2018

When Shelley Shannon remarried recently, she went from a five-bedroom house to a two-bedroom furnished condo in Baltimore City. “We’re still trying to fit the few things I brought in,” said Shannon, who either sold or gave away 85 percent of her belongings. “If they aren’t important for this lifetime, they aren’t important,” she said. “When you really want something... READ MORE

Find help with home chores and small jobs

By Jim Miller
Posted on December 25, 2018

Dear Savvy Senior: What’s the best way to find good, trustworthy, qualified people who can help folks with home chores or small jobs? — Looking for Mom Dear Looking: Getting help at home for any number of household tasks is a lot easier than it used to be, thanks to a number of web-based tools that can quickly and easily connect you and your mom to a wide variety of skilled,... READ MORE

Smart storage strategies for small kitchens

By Kim Cook
Posted on October 17, 2018

Urban kitchens are typically tiny, presenting storage challenges. So for city dwellers, adaptability comes in handy in the kitchen. And for food storage, there’s also the frequent problem of unwelcome houseguests, like mice or bugs. Luckily, there’s a lot of great gear to keep perishables and pantry goods organized and protected, much of it pretty stylish too. Alex Weibel,... READ MORE

A passion for helping those with dementia

By Rebekah Alcalde
Posted on October 16, 2018

Elaine Rose’s husband had already been diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia (FTD) — a rare group of brain disorders caused by progressive nerve loss in the frontal or temporal lobes of the brain — when she knew that she could no longer care for him on her own. He’d been exhibiting “quirkier” behavior for a while, and it was getting difficult to provide him the best quality of... READ MORE

D.C. Housing Notes – October 2018

By Barbara Ruben and Rebekah Alcalde
Posted on October 12, 2018

New, affordable church-based community The Sanctuary, an affordable senior housing community on the campus of the Mount Jezreel Baptist Church in Silver Spring, Md., opened last summer. The 75-unit independent living community includes 12 units set aside for low-income older veterans, as well as apartments for seniors at a variety of income levels. The $18.6 million Sanctuary includes... READ MORE

Get schooled on classes in the D.C. area

By Rebekah Alcalde
Posted on October 09, 2018

Yearning to take classes again? There are numerous free or low-cost options for continuing education in the Washington Metropolitan area. From archaeology to politics, here are a few to look into. George Mason University Audit Program George Mason University in Fairfax, Va., enables those 60 and older who have lived in Virginia for at least one year to audit classes tuition-free.... READ MORE

Baltimore Housing Notes – October 2018

By Barbara Ruben
Posted on October 04, 2018

Westminster House renovations Westminster House Apartments, a high-rise independent living community in Baltimore’s Mt. Vernon neighborhood, is continuing an extensive renovation. Its studio and one-bedroom units are being refurbished with new carpeting, windows, and heating and central air conditioning. In addition, the kitchens are being remodeled with new cabinets, appliances and... READ MORE

Reasons to retire to Williamsburg, Va.

By Eileen Ambrose
Posted on October 03, 2018

Mention Williamsburg and most people think of Colonial Williamsburg, where actors in period garb depict life in 18th-century Virginia. But Williamsburg is more than tricorn hats. The city of about 15,000 offers the ease of small-town living and, as home to William & Mary, the cultural activities of a college town. For a quick big-city fix or change of scenery, residents are only... READ MORE

Use care if giving your home to children

By Tracy Craig
Posted on October 02, 2018

A house is typically one of the most valuable assets someone owns, both financially and sentimentally. It makes sense, then, that out of love and generosity, many parents want to give their houses to their children during their lives or pass them down as an inheritance. It’s difficult to imagine that giving your child your family home could backfire, but it might — especially if you... READ MORE