Where family caregivers can find support

By Beth Albaneze
Posted on January 06, 2023

Few experiences in life are more difficult than caring for a loved one who is in mental decline, who is unstable, or who requires long-term care. Most family caregivers aren’t trained and don’t have any outside support, and it’s easy to imagine how overwhelming that situation would be. But give yourself a break: Do not take every burden upon yourself, or you’ll risk developing... READ MORE

DC Housing News — January 2023

By Beacon Staff
Posted on January 05, 2023

Speaker series helps introduce The Carnegie Last fall, 150 people flocked to a lecture by “Downton Abbey” consultant Rebecca Eaton, executive producer at large for “Masterpiece Theater.” Eaton, who also worked on the television series “Sherlock,” shared some behind-the-scenes stories and reflected on her career in public television. The lecture was sponsored by The Carnegie... READ MORE

Understanding ‘activities of daily living’

By Chris Harper
Posted on December 21, 2022

When looking into what senior living options are available and their different levels of care, it is important to empower yourself by getting to know different key words and phrases used in the field. For example, in senior living communities, caregivers need to know what types of assistance a resident might need to stay healthy and safe. One way to identify needs and challenges is by... READ MORE

Adult day centers assist aging in place

By Alina Tugend
Posted on October 27, 2022

When Eileen Roehr’s husband, Casey, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2018, she went looking for helpful resources. High on her to-do list was finding an adult day center for him. “The two most valuable things to keep people with dementia functioning as long as possible [are] physical activity and social interaction,” said Roehr, 80, a former psychiatric nurse. Roehr, of... READ MORE

New law saves more on green updates

By Rocky Mengle
Posted on October 20, 2022

If you’re planning a few home improvements that will boost the energy efficiency of your house, you may save some money on your projects now that the Inflation Reduction Act has been signed into law. One of the act’s main goals is to address climate change and slow down global warming. The legislation extends and enhances two tax credits that reward “green” upgrades to your home. ... READ MORE

A fall home prep and maintenance plan

By Adriana Lopez, Porch.com
Posted on October 18, 2022

This time of the year represents the harvest — a time to acknowledge growth and expansion as a natural part of our well-being. Read on for a list of fall home maintenance tips that will help you get excited about the season. Start indoors The basics. Now is a good time to inspect things like your home’s plumbing, electrical wiring and panels. Ensure that all plumbing is properly... READ MORE

Budgeting for your next home renovation

By Family Features
Posted on October 13, 2022

When you decide to renovate your home — whether to sell or make improvements for you and your family to enjoy — setting a budget can be a challenge. Knowing what you want to accomplish may be the easy part, but avoiding the bad advice out there and determining what you can actually afford takes research and detailed planning. Consider these tips from contractors who are members of... READ MORE

I’m retired. Should I pay off my mortgage?

By Evan T. Beach
Posted on October 12, 2022

If you’ve ever tuned in to The Ramsey Show on the radio, you know Dave Ramsey likes to talk about the best ways to pay down debt and why it’s imperative to be debt-free. Then you may come across Ric Edelman, the founder of one of the largest personal finance companies in the country. His advice is just the opposite of Ramsey’s: You should stretch out a big mortgage for as long... READ MORE

Understand taxes on selling your home

By Liz Weston
Posted on October 11, 2022

If your home’s value has soared, congratulations. If you decide to sell, beware. Financial advisor James Guarino said some clients don’t realize that home sale profits are potentially taxable until their returns are prepared — and by that time, they may have spent the windfall or invested the money in another house. “They’re not happy campers when they find out that Uncle... READ MORE

Three decades providing assisted living

By Margaret Foster
Posted on October 10, 2022

When Veena Alfred was a young girl in India, she first experienced the joy of taking care of others. Raised in her grandparents’ stately home, Alfred and her five siblings grew accustomed to welcoming her grandmother’s friends as if they were bonus grandparents. “When these elderly women came, we were assigned certain chores,” Alfred remembered in an interview with the Beacon.... READ MORE