Maryland tax credits for owners, renters

By: Francine Hyman
Posted on: June 12, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, thinking about the impacts on your household can be overwhelming. But now is an ideal time to learn about the resources available to you and your family.  The Maryland Consumer Rights Coalition (MCRC) is ramping up its “Take the Credit” campaign, which reminds Maryland homeowners and renters about two sometimes forgotten tax credits. The... READ MORE

It’s smart to make end-of-life plans now

By: Sarah Skidmore Sell
Posted on: June 11, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has more people addressing their end-of-life planning. For those who haven’t done so yet, it’s a great time to take it on. People are traditionally rather hesitant to take the steps that experts suggest — creating an advance directive, writing a will and more — in part because they don’t want to ponder their own mortality.  But the pandemic has... READ MORE

How to ask your bank or lender for help

By: Liz Weston
Posted on: June 10, 2020

Many banks, credit card issuers and other lenders have promised to help those impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. They’re offering to defer or reduce payments and waive interest charges and rebate fees for those who have lost jobs, had their hours reduced or otherwise lost income due to the COVID-19 crisis. The help usually isn’t automatic, however. You have to ask for it — and... READ MORE

Coronavirus relief act waives 2020 RMDs

By: Elliot Raphaelson
Posted on: June 09, 2020

The recent coronavirus relief legislation, or CARES Act, made several important changes affecting charitable deductions as well as Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs).  It increased the charitable contribution deduction that a taxpayer is entitled to claim for cash contributions made to most public charities during the 2020 calendar year.  Prior to the CARES Act, contributing to... READ MORE

Tips before you adopt or buy a puppy

By: Courtney Jespersen
Posted on: June 04, 2020

Puppies provide us with comfort, happiness and love. But bringing a four-legged friend into your daily life is quite an investment — a pup requires a considerable amount of your time, money and attention. Here’s what to know and do before bringing Fido home: Evaluate your budget, lifestyle Ensure that you’re ready for a puppy and everything that goes along with one. Your new... READ MORE

Stop ‘dollar-cost ravaging’ your portfolio

By: Jason Lambert
Posted on: May 18, 2020

If you aren’t familiar with the 4% rule, it asserts that retirees are unlikely to run out of money as long as they withdraw approximately 4% from their portfolios, adjusted for inflation, each year. It was created in the 1990s, based on stock and bond returns over a 50-year period, from 1926 to 1976. And it made sense for many folks — for a while. But times change, and so does... READ MORE