Shop around to find good savings interest

By: Sarah Skidmore Sell

Savers rejoice — you can finally earn a little more on the money you’ve been setting aside. To draw in customers, banks — particularly online institutions — have been getting more competitive with the rates they are offering on savings, CDs and even checking accounts. That means a savvy consumer may be able to earn far beyond the norm if they are willing to shop around. Take... READ MORE

Why give stock to a donor-advised fund?

By: Kimberly Lankford

What are the benefits of giving appreciated stock to a donor-advised fund if I don’t plan to itemize my deductions this year? Answer: Giving appreciated stock to a donor-advised fund — or directly to a charity — gives you a tax benefit even if you don’t itemize. By doing so, you avoid having to pay taxes on the capital gains that have accumulated through the years. If you... READ MORE

Your pet also needs to have an estate plan

By: Tracy Craig

Pet obsession is nothing new, but modern life has taken our love affair with animals to another level. Some people post more photos and videos of their animals online than of their children, and people are spending more money than ever on pet indulgences. But while “fur babies” have worked their way into a place in the hearts, homes and wallets of their owners, the law sees these... READ MORE

How to test-drive your car salesperson

By: Philip Reed

If you work with a good car salesperson, the shopping process can actually be fun, and you’ll be more confident you’re getting a good deal. Unfortunately, most people think they have to stick with whichever salesperson latches onto them first, even if they begin to feel pressured, intimidated or misled. But car buyers can and should test-drive, or vet, their salesperson — and be... READ MORE

Get a sale price even when there’s no sale

By: Courtney Jesperson

If you don’t see a sale sign, it doesn’t mean you can’t get a deal. Here are four ways you could save money the next time you shop online or in person. 1. Sign up If you’re willing to supply a retailer with some of your personal information — such as your name, address or birth date — you could get deals in return. “Consumers can visit the retailers’ website to sign up ... READ MORE

How to prepare your emergency go-bag

By: Melissa Kossler Dutton

Heather Kretzer, a health consultant for the Florida Department of Health in Panama City, lives near the water. However, the most recent call for an evacuation in her area wasn’t because of a hurricane but rather because of an active shooter. The incident, which did not result in any bystanders being injured but did lead to the temporary evacuation of an apartment complex, drove home... READ MORE