Some answers to your Medicare questions

By: Kiplinger

Learn the answers to some common Medicare questions, courtesy of the experts at Kiplinger’s Retirement Report and Kiplinger’s Personal Finance. Whether you’re already retired or just starting to plan for retirement, brushing up on your knowledge of Medicare will pay off. Healthcare pre-Medicare My husband will retire when he turns 65 and sign up for Medicare. I am five years... READ MORE

Fresh ways to save at the farmers market

By: Laura McMullen

The difference between the produce at farmers markets and supermarkets is more than “tomayto” versus “tomahto.” Plus, buying fresh fruit and vegetables at farmers markets offers opportunities to save money in ways you might not find at a grocery store. The produce sold at most supermarkets is typically harvested before it’s ripe, said Chris Curtis, executive director of Seattle ... READ MORE

Name beneficiaries to limit cost to heirs

By: Elliot Raphaelson

An article appeared recently on the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal written by Warren Kozak, whose wife died earlier this year. Kozak indicated that his bankers had never recommended to him and his wife that they should name beneficiaries on their savings accounts. Kozak was under the false impression that the savings account in his wife’s name would automatically transfer to ... READ MORE

Freeze and unfreeze credit reports for free

By: Kimberly Lankford

Question: I’d like to freeze my credit record to protect against identity theft. I heard that Congress recently passed a law making credit freezes free. When can I get my free freeze? Answer: A credit freeze prevents new creditors from reviewing your credit report, making it harder for identity thieves to take out credit in your name. Congress recently passed a law that will... READ MORE

Entrepreneurs find niche at farmers markets

By: Catherine Brown

Farmers markets benefit our communities on so many levels. They provide the opportunity to support local businesses, which keeps our money in our own communities. They enable us to cut down on the carbon footprint of our meals because the fruits and vegetables we buy do not travel as far to our tables. Farmers markets also strengthen our communities by offering the chance to socialize ... READ MORE

Get your feet wet in water-related funds

By: Alex Veiga

As natural resources go, oil tends to get more attention from investors than clean drinking water, even against the backdrop of headline-grabbing shortages in Flint, Michigan, South Africa and elsewhere. But a few funds are showing that investing in utilities and water infrastructure and technology companies can pay off, especially for long-term investors looking to diversify their... READ MORE