How to handle stock market’s volatility

By: Elliot Raphaelson

It’s normal to worry about your portfolio when the stock and bond markets become volatile and when you see your portfolio fall significantly in value. It’s natural to wonder what to do, if anything, to protect your portfolio. The best general advice is to keep focused on long-term objectives. Ideally, you have structured your portfolio based on long-term objectives. If so, you... READ MORE

More investors buying cannabis stocks

By: Ryan Ermey

The movement toward legalized marijuana use in North America is gaining ground. Last November’s midterm elections saw Missouri and Utah join 31 other U.S. states where medical marijuana is legal. Michigan voters made their state one of 10 (plus the District of Columbia) where recreational use isn’t a criminal offense. Canada recently became the first industrialized nation to legalize ... READ MORE

Social Security calling? It’s likely a scam

By: Elliot Raphaelson

For the past few years, the media have widely reported on scammers who call unsuspecting victims pretending to be representatives of the IRS. They claim the potential victim owes money and encourage them to make payments using credit cards, debit cards or even gift cards. Amazingly, thousands of people have fallen for the scam and have collectively lost tens of millions of dollars. As... READ MORE

When stocks dip, is that the time to buy?

By: James K. Glassman

Around the beginning of 2018, the volatility of the stock market suddenly picked up. It was a worrying development for most investors, who prefer a smooth ride to a turbulent one. But volatility is a necessary condition if you want to deploy a strategy known as buying the dips, or BTD. The idea is to purchase stocks when they have dropped sharply, anticipating that they will bounce... READ MORE

Retirement planning is cash flow planning

By: Ken Moraif

Years ago, I saw a poster that said, “Happiness is a positive cash flow.” I believe that’s true, especially when it comes to your retirement. And I believe that one of the best ways to find that particular form of financial happiness is to use cash flow analysis in your retirement planning. It’s a simple exercise. To begin with, gather information for all the sources of income... READ MORE

Making peace through mediation

By: Barbara Ruben

Older adults and their grown children confront a multitude of thorny issues when making decisions that affect the whole family — from how to divide up an estate among competitive siblings, to when it’s time to accept help at home, stop driving or move to assisted living. Some of these matters fester and never get resolved, others drag on for years (perhaps even through the court... READ MORE