Smaller stocks are doing well, for now

By: Stan Choe
Posted on: April 12, 2019

The stock market’s biggest gains are once again coming from its smallest companies, but the trend may not last much longer. Smaller-company stocks like Allegiant Travel and AK Steel have been soaring since late December and leading the rest of the market — a sharp reversal from much of the winter, when smaller stocks were plunging more than the rest of the market. The Russell 2000 ... READ MORE

Are prepaid car maintenance plans worth it?

By: Ronald Montoya, Edmunds
Posted on: April 11, 2019

Prepaid car maintenance plans are one of the most common items a dealership finance and insurance manager will offer you when you buy a new car. The sales pitch promises the advantage of “locking in” maintenance prices at today’s rates for a little extra amount added to your monthly payment. Then, whenever you need scheduled maintenance, just roll in, get the service done, and roll ... READ MORE

Pay for lifelong learning with tax-free fund

By: Mary Kane
Posted on: April 10, 2019

If you have helped children or grandchildren with college costs, you are probably already familiar with 529 plans — the tax-advantaged education savings accounts offered by states and educational institutions. There’s no federal tax deduction for 529s, but residents can usually get a state tax deduction on contributions made to their own state’s plan. Furthermore, the money... READ MORE

Live like the royals — frugally, that is

By: Andrea Browne Taylor
Posted on: April 08, 2019

With an estimated net worth of $88 billion, the British royal family is one of the wealthiest monarchies in Europe. However, just because money is no object for them doesn’t mean they’re frivolous spenders — quite the opposite. It has been well-documented that Queen Elizabeth II keeps a close eye on her spending, and frugality is a trait that has passed down to other members of... READ MORE

The rise of gray divorce: why or why not?

By: Neale Godfrey
Posted on: March 15, 2019

Till death do us part? Not so much. In the past 25 years, the divorce rate for Americans over the age of 50 has more than doubled. While divorce rates for other age groups have leveled off or even fallen, one out of every four people going through a divorce in the United States is 50 or older, according to research by sociologists Susan L. Brown and I-Fen Lin. Compare that to 1990,... READ MORE

In defense of some managed bond funds

By: Jeffrey R. Kosnett
Posted on: March 14, 2019

I want to discuss bond funds whose managers aren’t hemmed in by allegiance to an index or by the ultraconservative viewpoint that Treasury bonds and notes are the center of the universe. I dislike such stolid holdings as total bond market exchange-traded funds and funds designed to replicate the Bloomberg Barclays Aggregate Bond index — which is 42 percent Treasuries and includes no... READ MORE