With solid economy, why is market falling?

By: Paul Wiseman

The nerve-wracking anxiety that’s gripped the U.S. stock market might seem oddly unmoored from economic reality: Economic growth is strong, unemployment ultra-low and consumers exceptionally confident. Indeed, in late October, the government reported that the U.S. economy grew at a healthy 3.5 percent annual pace from July through September. In the previous quarter, annual growth was... READ MORE

When couples shouldn’t retire together

By: Liz Weston

Women who retire when their husbands do may be giving up more wealth than they realize. Married women overall are still in their peak earning years in their 50s and early 60s, while married men’s earnings are on the decline, said economist Nicole Maestas, an associate professor of healthcare policy at Harvard Medical School and the author of a recent study about couples’ income and... READ MORE

Don’t try to time the bull market’s end

By: Elliot Raphaelson

The bull market in stocks has lasted almost 10 years. Is it time to take profits and leave the stock market? In recent years, many experts have predicted — incorrectly — that it is time to reinvest somewhere else. And the precipitous drop in mid-October shook some investors’ faith in a continuing bull market. Frankly, I have no idea when this bull market will end, and neither does... READ MORE

Preexisiting condition can affect medigap

By: Kimberly Lankford

Is it true that an insurance company can factor in preexisting conditions when deciding whether to offer you a medigap policy or when setting the premiums? Answer: That’s correct. Many people don’t realize that even though preexisting conditions can’t affect your ability to get other types of health insurance, the rules are different for medigap. You can pick any medigap plan... READ MORE

Medicare surcharges for richer recipients

By: Rachel L. Sheedy

A big question every year at open enrollment for employer health insurance is how much will the premium rise? That doesn’t change once you’re on Medicare — Part B and Part D premiums typically increase each year. But with Medicare there’s added anxiety: Your income can shoot premiums through the roof. The government sets four Medicare surcharge tiers for 2018, based on a... READ MORE

Nine things to never keep in your wallet

By: Kiplinger

You and your hard-earned savings have finally made it to retirement. Why risk losing anything if your wallet goes missing or is stolen? With every new bank slip that bulges from the seams, your personal information is getting less and less safe. With just your name and Social Security number, identity thieves can open new credit accounts and make costly purchases in your name. If they ... READ MORE