New drones promise deliveries in minutes

By: Tom Murphy
Posted on: November 08, 2019

Walgreens and a Google affiliate are testing drone deliveries that can put drugstore products on customer doorsteps minutes after being ordered. Snacks like Goldfish crackers or gummy bears, as well as aspirin for sick kids, were delivered in October in Christiansburg, Virginia, by a 10-pound drone flying as fast as 70 miles per hour. Customers will be able to order from a list of... READ MORE

Beacon Links & Apps – October 2019

By: Margaret Foster
Posted on: October 07, 2019

Apps Medicare coverage app Does Medicare cover that? The feds have a new app to help determine what your costs will be. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services “has launched a new ‘What’s Covered’ app that lets people with Original Medicare, caregivers and others use their mobile device to check whether Medicare covers a specific medical item or service,” according to... READ MORE

Electric bikes coming to a park near you

By: Ellen Knickmeyer and David Sharp
Posted on: October 03, 2019

Motorized electric bicycles may soon be humming along serene trails in national parks and other public lands nationwide. It’s part of a new Trump administration order — hotly opposed by many outdoors groups — that will allow e-bikes on every federal trail where a regular bike can go. Sales of the bikes, powered by both pedals and battery-driven small motors, are booming, and... READ MORE

Beacon celebrates 20th year of 50+Expos

By: The Beacon
Posted on: September 10, 2019

For the past 20 years, the Beacon newspaper has been providing free community education events every fall for readers and their families. Known as the 50+Expos, they are held in both suburban Maryland and Northern Virginia for the convenience of residents throughout the metro area. Between the two events, more than 100 informative exhibitors will provide giveaways and helpful... READ MORE

UPS to add pickup spots at many stores

By:  Anne D’Innocenzio
Posted on: September 09, 2019

United Parcel Service Inc. is responding to the growth in online shopping and pressures for speedy delivery by seeking to expand its drone deliveries and adding thousands of new spots where customers can pick up and return packages. The Atlanta-based package delivery giant recently announced it is adding 12,000 new package pickup locations inside CVS pharmacies, and Michaels Co. and... READ MORE

How to outsmart smartphone scammers

By: Sean Pyles
Posted on: September 03, 2019

Your smartphone is your confidante, your hand-held connection to the world — and one of your biggest vulnerabilities. Scammers can take advantage of day-to-day tasks that seem innocuous, such as checking a bank balance or charging a phone at a public USB port, to exploit personal information for their profit. To keep that data safe, start by understanding the threats. Your phone has ... READ MORE