Tech startups focus on caregiver needs

By: Rebekah Alcalde

Want to learn how a loved one or patient with macular degeneration sees the world, or what navigating the day is like for someone with dementia? Then you might want to try the virtual reality (VR) simulations created by Embodied Labs to help you experience key problems and issues facing older adults and their caregivers. With the software and a VR headset, family members, caregivers... READ MORE

Get a sale price even when there’s no sale

By: Courtney Jesperson

If you don’t see a sale sign, it doesn’t mean you can’t get a deal. Here are four ways you could save money the next time you shop online or in person. 1. Sign up If you’re willing to supply a retailer with some of your personal information — such as your name, address or birth date — you could get deals in return. “Consumers can visit the retailers’ website to sign up ... READ MORE

Best apps for busy people, self-employed

By: Marguerita M. Cheng

Whether working, retired, or somewhere in between (working independently as part of the “gig economy”), many of us have so many different tasks to perform on a daily basis that it can get overwhelming. Fortunately, with a smartphone and some helpful mobile apps, you can stay organized and focused. These are my 15 favorites, some of which are particularly good for... READ MORE

Some online bargains too good to be true

By: Ilya Kneppelhout

Online shopping could be hazardous to your wealth — and your health. An investigation by the Government Accountability Office, a federal watchdog agency, found that many products sold by third-party sellers on popular websites such as and were counterfeit — and dangerous — and were often a total waste of money. Cheap, substandard phone chargers could... READ MORE

Are electric cars ready for prime time yet?

By: David Muhlbaum

I recall two moments distinctly from my recent drive in a Volkswagen e-Golf, an all-electric car. The first was marveling at how this vehicle’s instantly available torque made it the best car I’d ever found for the cut-and-thrust of city driving. The second came only 80 miles or so later, as I was feather-footing the same car in the right lane of a divided highway, windows fogged... READ MORE

Beacon Links & Apps – September 2018

By: Erin Yu and Barbara Ruben

Links Travel podcasts From Maine vacation spots to packing tips, the Associated Press’s free travel podcast “Get Outta Here!” offers short weekly conversations for both armchair travels and frequent flyers. Recent topics have touched on visiting Little Women author Louisa May Alcott’s Concord, Mass. home, when travel insurance is worth buying, and Disney trip tips. A year and a ... READ MORE