How to spot common tech support scams

By: Justin Lavelle 

Don’t be fooled by a scammer who calls you claiming to be from Microsoft or Apple. Despite warnings that come year after year about tech support scams, fraudsters continually find new and more effective ways to trick consumers into giving up their personal and financial information. Microsoft recently reported that tech support scams were up 24 percent between 2017 and 2018.... READ MORE

Beacon Links & Apps – February 2019

By: PJ Feinstein

Links Guidance for travelers Unsure how TSA PreCheck works? Upgraded Points, a website for travelers that explains the real value of points and miles, offers a helpful primer on the program. Run by the Transportation Safety Administration, TSA PreCheck is a program that expedites the security checkpoint process for low-risk travelers. Learn about the program’s benefits, cost and... READ MORE

Weigh risks and benefits of a smart home

By: Anick Jesdanun

You might have heard of lights that turn off with an app or voice command. Or window shades that magically rise every morning. Technology companies are pushing the “smart home” hard, selling appliances and gadgets that offer Internet-connected conveniences you didn’t know you needed. A smart home can encompass features as simple as remote-controlled lamps or as sophisticated as... READ MORE

Best online security services

By: Kiplinger

Security failure, password breaches, phishing attacks and phone scams — if you follow the news, these can seem like the unavoidable pitfalls of life today. But there are plenty of tools out there that can protect you from digital crime. Here are some of the most trustworthy services that won’t empty out your wallet: VPN service When using public Wi-Fi, virtual private network (VPN) ... READ MORE

Tech aims to make disabilities disappear

By: Danica Kirka

Hadeel Ayoub slips a black glove onto her hand before beginning the swish of sign language that is meaningless to the untrained observer. Then she pushes a button on her wrist, and a small speaker relays the message her hand drew in the air: “Let’s Dance!” “My dream is to give a voice to those who can’t speak,” said the 36-year-old inventor who is developing her BrightSign ... READ MORE

Foldable phones: A tablet in your pocket

By: Michael Liedtke

For the past few years, the smartphone industry has been searching for a breakthrough to revive a market mired in an innovation lull and a sales slump. A potential catalyst is on the horizon in the form of flexible screens that can be folded in half without breaking. Samsung and several rivals are preparing to roll out such screens to make devices more versatile for work and pleasure.... READ MORE