Virginia’s hills are alive with country music

By: Glenda C. Booth

Way down in the southwest corner of Virginia, I returned for the night to the white-frame, century-old Nickelsville Hotel at 11 p.m. to find three musicians strumming and singing around the kitchen table. Trapped, I fell into bed three hours later with mountain tunes ringing in my head. When I stumbled out bleary-eyed the next morning, I was treated to a soothing bluegrass... READ MORE

Ways to ease your gardening workload

By: Dean Fosdick

If you’re gardening more but enjoying it less, maybe it’s time to adopt some labor-saving ideas. Those can range from downsizing to mulching, from using native plants to switching to raised beds.“There’s no such thing as ‘no maintenance’ gardening. All gardens require some effort,” said Christopher Starbuck, an associate professor with the... READ MORE

Insure your trip to ensure peace of mind

By: Ed Perkins

Don’t forget to consider travel insurance when you plan your upcoming travels. Decide if you need it and figure the cost into your budgeting.Chances are it won’t be a budget-buster, but failure to buy the right coverage could, in fact, bust your budget beyond any expectations.When do you need travel insurance? I suggest that you consider two important coverages:You need trip... READ MORE

A family cruise when ‘the kids’ are adults

By: Alice Shapin

During the years our two children were growing up, my husband Paul and I enjoyed vacationing with them — renting beach houses together, taking cruises and going on golf vacations.Now in their late 20s, they’ve been on their own for some time. But recently, we invited Amanda and Scott to join us again, this time on a family reunion cruise.It was made a bit more complex by the ... READ MORE

Live like a Greek on the island of Rhodes

By: Victor Block

Whitewashed houses dot the picturesque coastal village of Lindos on the Greek island of Rhodes. Lindos has its own acropolis and Temple of Athena, along with other archaeological ruins and a popular beach.Photo by: Anders Lundstedt/“You’ll lose your mind spending two weeks on Rhodes,” we were warned. “Sure, some of the beaches are lovely, and the... READ MORE

Modernism Week defines Palm Springs

By: Connie George

Seven years into the promotion of its mid-20th century style and culture, Palm Springs Modernism Week has officially put the city on the map as a mecca for fans of the clean, simple lines and elegant informality that denote the modernistic mode. This year’s “week,” Thursday, Feb. 16 through Sunday, Feb. 26, will again provide an open-house invitation to visit and view... READ MORE