Cash-rich stocks to consider purchasing

By: Kathy Kristof

Is cash king, or is cash trash? If you’re an investor, the question has never been so pertinent or pervasive.Dozens of major corporations reacted to the recession the same way consumers did. They started paying off debts and building up cash reserves.The industrial companies in Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index are now sitting on a record stockpile, estimated at $959... READ MORE

Will uncertainty affect healthcare stocks?

By: Dave Carpenter

Healthcare stocks historically provide a relatively safe haven in roiling markets. They’re less tethered to the economy’s every movement than other stocks and tend to be less volatile.Anxious investors might be considering putting money in the sector, but the current outlook is complicated by uncertainty over the government’s changing involvement in healthcare. The wild... READ MORE

Consider mutual funds that limit volatility

By: Mark Jewell

The best move for an investor suffering from stock shock might be to stick with the market. But do it in a way that takes some of the edge off its ups and downs.If you want smoother investment returns, put your money in a bond mutual fund. But don’t forego stock funds whose managers strive to reduce volatility.A few have consistently delivered on that difficult-to-achieve goal. And... READ MORE

Retirement account loans get a bum rap

By: Elliot Raphaelson

According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, the percentage of individuals borrowing from their 401(k) accounts has increased dramatically the last few years.Some members of Congress feel that this is a dangerous trend, and they are proposing legislation to make it more difficult for individuals to take out these loans. They apparently feel that people who take them are... READ MORE

Some housing stocks rise despite market

By: Mark Jewell

Real estate investing doesn’t have to be a losing proposition, whether home prices continue to slip or not.Ross Meredith has a lot of money riding on that notion, and it’s worked out lately. The retired bank examiner owns stock in companies called real estate investment trusts (REITs), which own commercial properties. Those six REIT stocks have returned an average of about 20... READ MORE

What investment pros are buying today

By: Dave Carpenter

A slumping stock market and economic difficulties make this a challenging time for investors looking for the best place to put their money.No consensus emerged among the nearly 1,700 financial planners and fund managers attending the annual Morningstar Investment Conference. But many floated ideas for good buys and strategies in this difficult environment.Several professionals offered up... READ MORE