Six ways barcodes help you shop smarter

By: Paul Michael

The humble barcode has been a regular part of grocery store shopping since 1974, with the first-ever product being scanned on June 26th of that year. Since then, they have become almost invisible, with some package designs finding ingenious ways to hide or dress up their somewhat garish appearance.However, with smartphones and apps now becoming a part of our everyday lives, the importance... READ MORE

Websites help find the lowest drug prices

By: Matthew Perrone

Most people don’t shop for lower prescription drug prices. But they should — especially now that there are easier ways to do so. More than a dozen websites and apps are vying to help U.S. consumers find the lowest prices for prescription drugs by comparing prices and searching for deals, similar to the way Expedia looks for cheap airfare or looks for low... READ MORE

Students rewarded for innovative ideas

By: Barbara Ruben

As a infant in Southern India, Anurudh Ganesan needed his grandparents to carry him 10 miles to a remote health clinic to get vaccinated against polio. But when they arrived, they found the vaccines were useless due to the lack of safe refrigeration and high temperatures.Years later, when his parents told him the story, the teen was shocked and did extensive research on the problem. Ganesan ... READ MORE

How to protect your phone from hackers

By: Bree Fowler

Recent news about cyberhackers — including the apparent Russian government hack of the DNC’s email and the U.S. government hack of an iPhone used by the San Bernardino killer — serve as a reminder that phones and other electronic devices aren’t impenetrable vaults.While most people aren’t targets of the NSA, FBI or a foreign government, hackers are looking to... READ MORE

Surprising places you can find robots

By: John Miley and Matthew Housiaux

Robots working in factories, on the battlefield, in hostage situations and in many other places are commonplace today.But it may surprise you to learn about the rapid development of humanoid robots and other intelligent machines that will soon pop up in places you might not expect — from the hair salon and corner bar, to the dairy farms that produce your milk.Such robots may not... READ MORE

How to recover from a tech-support scam

By: Kaitlin Pitsker

It starts when you see a notification that your computer is sending an error message or is infected with a virus. Maybe you (rightly) shrug it off as just another scam. But maybe you panic, call the number on the screen, and listen to someone posing as a Microsoft technician offer to fix the problem if you allow him to gain remote access to your computer. You give him the go-ahead.Uh-oh.... READ MORE