The Golden Isles of Georgia and Florida

By: Glenda Booth

Vast saltwater marshes fringe southeast Georgia’s and northern Florida’s barrier islands, acres of luscious wetlands of thick golden reeds and grasses swaying in the gentle breeze as far as the eye can see. The Spanish dubbed them Islas de Oro (the Golden Isles) in the 1700s, even though they failed to find the hoped-for gold. But eventually the gold came to them, when northern... READ MORE

Beware of travel insurance from airlines

By: Ed Perkins

“Flyer Beware” is the heading of a new report on travel insurance, but that’s different from “Don’t Buy.” Although some writers have picked up on the report as a recommendation to avoid travel insurance, generally, that really isn’t the case. Instead, the report focuses on the insurance policies that airlines and online travel agencies (OTA) offer automatically during the... READ MORE

Visiting Israel’s ancient port city of Jaffa

By: Tali Arbel

Just south of Tel Aviv’s glass towers and concrete houses are the white stone buildings of Jaffa, the ancient port town. Jaffa has existed for thousands of years, but today it is one unified city with Tel Aviv, which was founded in 1909. Both Jews and Arabs live in Jaffa, and that’s reflected in the flavors of the neighborhood. Visitors will find a luxury hotel, the Setai, built... READ MORE

Delaware’s’ mansions, gardens and more

By: Victor Block

Some members of the large, wealthy family lived in a 175-room mansion set amid 1,000 acres of magnificent gardens, sprawling woodlands and splashing fountains. Others made their home in a chateau modeled after the palace where Marie Antoinette once hung out. Not far away, workers who toiled in the business that affluent dynasty was creating resided in more modest quarters. They included... READ MORE

The best scenic rides on public transit

By: Ed Perkins

Public transit operates mainly for local commuting, shopping and school trips. But some of those ordinary transit trips can be spectacular for visitors, too. Transit prices are a lot less than rates for commercial sightseeing, and you aren’t forced to stop at schlocky souvenir shops. You can find interesting transit rides in many places, but I have a favorites list of public... READ MORE

How to shorten the airport screening line

By: Gregory Karp

Waiting in lengthy security lines isn’t a great way to start a long-awaited vacation. But you can use the faster lanes if you belong to one of the expedited screening programs, which could essentially be free to join with the right credit card. The primary federal programs for air travel, TSA Pre-Check and Global Entry, cost $85 or $100 per traveler, respectively. That fee covers you... READ MORE