If bumped off a flight, make it worthwhile

By: David Koenig

Allison Preiss became a hero to airline passengers this spring when she scored a $10,000 travel voucher for losing her seat on an oversold flight. Negotiating skill mixed with a bit of luck helped Preiss land the elusive payoff. There are two situations that passengers might find themselves in, and their rights — and bargaining power — vary greatly between them. In the first, an... READ MORE

Save on airfare, lodging and more in London

By: Michelle Locke

The sun-kissed scenes from Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s storybook wedding at Windsor may have put you in the mood to visit the Old Country. But what if you’re just looking to feel like a prince (or princess), not spend like one? Here are a few tips on enjoying London on a budget. (Just don’t count on the sunshine that blessed the royal wedding in a place where, on average,... READ MORE

Be on the lookout for nine travel scams

By: Ed Perkins

Travel scams will again be plentiful this summer, say the folks at Experian. Fraud increased by 16 percent in 2017, and there’s no reason to expect that trend will reverse any time soon. Experian released its list of six scams, but the list involves some double-counting, and it also does not cover all the possibilities. So here’s my list of nine to watch out for. Free vacation or... READ MORE

Expect more scrutiny now from the TSA

By: Rivan V. Stinson

If you’re flying this summer, get to the airport early. The Transportation Security Administration is beefing up security measures, and that could lead to longer lines. In addition to requiring you to remove laptops, tablets and e-readers from your carry-ons, TSA officers may also ask you to take out books, food and other items that obstruct their view during screening. To bypass... READ MORE

Exploring the Grand Canyon’s grandeur

By: Glenda C. Booth

As I stared at the multi-colored layers of the yawning abyss stretching across the horizon for miles, I was immobilized by this geologic layer cake a billion years in the making. It was a pinch-me moment. I first saw a picture-postcard image of the Grand Canyon in the third grade. Then, I could never imagine seeing it for real. But here I was standing 7,000 feet above sea level on the... READ MORE

How to avoid airline, hotel and other fees

By: Ed Perkins

You hear a lot about travel fees these days — especially airline fees, more especially fees for “something you used to get free,” and most especially fees that are theoretically optional but in reality are mandatory. A recent survey by MileCards listed fees that travelers hate most. Fortunately, you can avoid many of the worst fees, at least some of the time, at little or no cost.... READ MORE