All-day transit passes great for tourists

By: Ed Perkins

When I’m in Portland, I’m usually hopping around between points in or near the city center. Trips are often short enough that I can comfortably walk. But when it’s raining — which, in Portland, is quite a bit of the time — I’m happy to hop on the light rail or a bus for even a few blocks. And that’s easy, because I can buy an all-day pass for $5, which allows unlimited... READ MORE

Four presidents who retreated to Virginia

By: Glenda C. Booth

U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt was a gregarious, swashbuckling outdoorsman who hunted elephants in Africa and bears in Colorado. He came from wealth and owned a 23-room mansion, Sagamore Hill, on Long Island’s Oyster Bay. But when Teddy and wife, Edith, wanted to relax, they traveled four hours south of Washington to a plain little wood-frame cabin in Virginia’s woodlands called... READ MORE

Ride the rails through Canadian Rockies

By: Glenda C. Booth

In planning my “journey through the clouds” excursion last summer aboard Canada’s Rocky Mountaineer train, little did I realize the adventures ahead. After all, whizzing along on a train usually puts me to sleep. Not this train. By the end of my six-day excursion, I had walked on a glacier, helicoptered over the Rocky Mountains, and been dazzled by tumbling waterfalls, rushing... READ MORE

Exploring the world as a roving retiree

By: Eleanor Laise

Eager to hit the road, Roxanne and David Draves decided to retire early. Ten years ago, Roxanne gave up her real estate appraisal work, and David left his job doing lift maintenance for a ski area. They rented out their house in Carbondale, Colo., which they later sold, and bought a motor home. Since then, they’ve been crisscrossing the U.S., working on 43 Habitat for Humanity... READ MORE

Consider hiring help to make travel easier

By: Mary Kane

For many older adults, retirement frees up time to travel, perhaps exploring places and sights long included on a bucket list. Or retirees plan visits with adult children who have relocated across the country. But for some seniors, travel is not that simple. Those with medical problems, physical limitations, or dementia or other cognitive illnesses face some challenges if they want or... READ MORE

Travel mistakes and how to avoid them

By: Ed Perkins

My friends at Travelers United recently posted a list of the top travel mistakes and how to avoid them. Although some of them are so obvious as to be in the “well, duh” category, even savvy travelers occasionally make them. I particularly highlight the first four on this list: 1. Cheaping out All too often, travelers go for the cheapest option when it’s counterproductive. I’ve... READ MORE