Feeling vulnerable

By: Stuart Rosenthal

Every day, more aspects of our lives become intertwined with the Internet, and things we take for granted grow more dependent on its ground and satellite infrastructure.Consider our telephone, email and text conversations, our air traffic control, our national defense (the military now guides many of our troops and even airplanes remotely), and our businesses. Many elements of... READ MORE

The power in numbers

By: Stuart Rosenthal

Among the truest truisms are the statements: “there is power in numbers,” and “the pen is mightier than the sword.”History offers ample examples. The problem is that those examples may illustrate successes by what we (or others) might consider good or moral causes, as well as successes by what we (or others) might consider bad or immoral causes.Not so long ago in... READ MORE

Goodbye to a quiz whiz

By: Bruben

Back in 2005, "It's Academic" host Mac McGarry ferried me around the NBC channel 4 studio, introducing me to news anchors and other luminaries before settling back to talk about his more than 40-year career as host of the high school quiz show for a Beacon cover story on him. In the weekly show, teams from three local schools compete with lightning-fast velocity to answer... READ MORE

At your fingertips

By: Stuart Rosenthal

Most people I speak with — regardless of their age — tell me they prefer reading a real newspaper (on paper) rather than a virtual one on a computer screen.They like the “old-fashioned” tactile experience, where they can turn the pages, skim the headlines, choose which ads to read, clip articles of interest, and generally feel like they have accomplished something... READ MORE

Imperfect harmony

By: Stuart Rosenthal

You know how it is that sometimes something very ordinary strikes you as meaningful in a new way?For example, I attend Sabbath services every week at a synagogue near my home. There are a number of places in the service where everyone is expected to sing along or sing in response.Normally, at these times, I hear mostly my own voice in my head. But if I stop singing and listen for a moment,... READ MORE

With appreciation

By: Stuart Rosenthal

Each year, I look forward to fall, knowing that our annual 50+Expos can’t be far behind. I so relish the opportunity to see hundreds, even thousands, of our readers in person, and to speak with many of you, as I did last month at our Maryland and Virginia events.There is nothing so heartwarming to a journalist as to meet readers and hear accolades and appreciation for our work, as... READ MORE