For Julia Roberts, things improve with age

By: Jake Coyle

Julia Roberts is sitting on a couch in a Soho hotel when Lucas Hedges bursts in and begins frantically searching for his phone, sending pillows flying. “This is what I say to Finn,” Roberts says, referencing one of her three children as she instructs her 21-year-old co-star. “Where did you go from here, honey?” Roberts’ motherly instincts play a big part of her latest film,... READ MORE

Jewelry designer fuses geometry, color

By: Carol Sorgen

Local jewelry designer Barbie Levy is looking forward to the annual American Craft Show this February, where she can meet up with customers who seek out her colorful and eye-catching jewelry. “I never thought the jewelry I started designing in college would take my career where it is today,” said the 52-year-old Ellicott City resident. Levy’s popular “Barb-Wire” line of... READ MORE

Prolific African American artist celebrated

By: Carol Sorgen

The Reginald F. Lewis Museum celebrates the work of the pre-eminent African American artist Romare Bearden in its current exhibition, on view through March 3. “Romare Bearden: Visionary Artist,” organized by the museum and the Romare Bearden Foundation in New York, features more than 70 works in a variety of media that showcase Bearden as one of the most important visual artists of... READ MORE

What are those unusual growths on trees?

By: Lela Martin

During gray, wet periods, Virginia Cooperative Extension offices often receive phone calls from residents concerned about previously unseen growths on tree trunks and branches. Although the growths could be something else, many of them are harmless (but profoundly interesting) lichen (pronounced liken). Covering 8 percent of the earth’s land, lichen are often seen encrusted on rocks... READ MORE

Crafty knitters supply art from the heart

By: Catherine Brown

Some years ago, after having foot surgery and teaching herself to knit, Lois Moore spent time knitting, recuperating and volunteering in the library at what was then MCV hospital. She soon found herself teaching knitting to a group of patients who were bused in for chemotherapy and other treatments and needed something to do while they waited for their return ride home. Eventually,... READ MORE

Sad when a long-time marriage dissolves

By: Bob Levey

It had been years since I’d seen my former co-worker Jim, so I didn’t want to start with “How’s your wife?” Maybe she was ill. Maybe she had died. So I trotted out the old standard: “What’s new?” “Oh, not much,” said Jim. His smile was wide. But his eyes gave him away. They flitted — was it with guilt? With discomfort? And then he said: “What’s new is that ... READ MORE