Ghostly matters raised in ‘The Quickening’

By: Dan Collins

According to Wikipedia, “quickening” refers to the moment in pregnancy when “the woman starts to feel or perceive fetal movements in the uterus…the word, ‘quick,’ originally meant ‘alive.’” In award-winning local playwright Mark Scharf’s modern gothic tale, The Quickening, it’s the moment when one’s spirit — what constitutes one’s true self — takes... READ MORE

See Shakespeare under the summer sky

By: Robert Friedman

Summer is a comin’ in, which means that Shakespeare plays are moving out to stages under the stars. There is something about Shakespeare that suits outdoor productions very well. There are struggles against universal forces through beautiful language; a largeness of images; sometimes a need to conjure up magic. And there are powerful themes with stories so strong, yet still... READ MORE

Celebrate summer with festivals, events

By: Carol Sorgen

Summer in Baltimore means fairs, festivals, celebrations and, of course, snowballs! Keep cool and head out to enjoy some of Baltimore’s favorite traditions. The 38th annual festival of Hispanic culture, music and art known as LatinoFest takes place June 23 and 24 in Patterson Park. As always, this toe-tapping weekend will feature live concerts with music ranging from salsa to... READ MORE

A palette of foliage colors for your garden

By: Lela Martin

Although many plants tempt you with showy flowers, those blossoms may be short-lived. If, however, you choose summer annuals and year-round perennials with fabulous foliage, their pleasure won’t “leave” as quickly. Golden glow Yellow leaves warm up a garden. Combine them with plants having orange or red blossoms and leaves to heat things up. Golden Hakone grass (Hakonechloa macra... READ MORE

Mourning the loss of old-time baseball

By: Bob Levey

Three cheers for spring. I’ve been through many of them — some would say too many — and for most of those years, this young man’s fancy didn’t turn only to love. When April arrived, baseball arrived. All together now…“Take me out to the ball game…Take me out with the crowd…” Ah, the crack of the bat. Ah, the umpires who would screech, “Yerrrr out!” Ah, those ... READ MORE

Moving dark comedy packs a message

By: Michael Toscano

It’s amazing how little it takes for the sound of water to quickly transform from peaceful sloshes and ripples to a mighty, fearful roar. One moment you’re being calmed and relaxed. Suddenly, you’re powerless, swept away and helpless in the malevolent grip of an unyielding and mighty force. That’s just the first switch that playwright Gabrielle Reisman layers in for us in her... READ MORE