Making sense of the world

By: Barbara Ruben

[Publisher’s note: Sometimes life sends us groping for answers. That’s generally true, for example, during our teenage years. But it’s also the case after the loss of a loved one or a personal setback. We may also search for words when we’re moved by intense feelings for natural beauty. For example, see our travel story on the tiny paradise nation of Andorra. But even in... READ MORE

A Columbia sculptor with animal instincts

By: Robert Friedman

What have we here? There’s an elephant with its trunk holding up a striped umbrella, a bear sitting behind a desk, a bird perched on an outhouse titled “Bird with an Urge,” and a “Sweet Beak” work with another bird tipping into a scoop of ice cream in a cone. These are but a few of the sculptured works created by Columbia artist Ken Beerbohm. About 10 years ago, Beerbohm,... READ MORE

Expressing our inner essence

By: Robert Friedman

Iambic pentameter, free verse, quatrains and a haiku or two will resound around Howard Community College on April 26, as students, local writers and prize-winning poets Marilyn Chin and Joseph Ross gather on the Columbia campus for the 10th annual Blackbird Poetry Festival. The all-day event, co-sponsored by HCC and HoCoPoLitSo (the Howard County Poetry and Literary Society), will be... READ MORE

Immigration Museum welcomes newcomers

By: Carol Sorgen

“Not many people know that Baltimore was the third most active port — following New York and Boston — at which immigrants from many different nationalities across Europe would arrive in the United States,” said Brigitte Fessenden, president of the Baltimore Immigration Museum in Locust Point. “We want to highlight and promote the role Baltimore played during the country’s... READ MORE

Band brings back the Roaring Twenties

By: Carol Sorgen

Lynn Summerall loves the early big band sounds of the 1920s and 1930s, and is counting on Baltimore audiences to feel the same way. The Hampden resident is bringing the music of that era back with the Hotel Paradise Roof Garden Orchestra. They will perform in Hampden on Sunday, April 8, and Sunday, May 13, at Paulie Gee’s. The Hotel Paradise Roof Garden Orchestra is a 12-piece big... READ MORE

Moss and clover taking over your lawn?

By: Lela Martin

It’s almost spring, and you’re imagining an emerald green lawn. After a rain shower, you follow the rainbow to find moss and clover in your yard. Is this the luck o’ the Irish? Mosses naturally occur when the soil is compacted, acidic, and/or poorly drained. They also thrive in medium to dense shade or if there is repeated mower scalp of lawn turf. Under such conditions, these... READ MORE