Energetic cast enlivens Disney’s Newsies

By: Barbara Ruben

The ragtag group of orphans and homeless youth who hawked newspapers on street corners in 1899 never could have dreamed how the delivery of news would be transformed 120 years in the future. Nor could they have imagined that their story would be danced across stages throughout the country. But the story told by Newsies has quite literally leapt from a dusty corner of history into an... READ MORE

Reducing opioids’ heavy toll

By: Robert Friedman

Ellicott City resident Barbara Allen — who lost a son, a brother and a niece to drug addiction — has become a key player in Howard County’s battle to stem the growing opioid crisis among its citizens, which includes many victims 50 and older. She has been appointed chair of the newly formed Opioid Crisis Community Council, intended to help the county rev up its fight against the... READ MORE

Bringing a lifetime of experience to writing

By: Carol Sorgen

It’s never too late to become a published poet (or a writer of any genre, for that matter). Just look at Shirley Brewer. The 70-year-old Charles Village resident wrote poetry while she was in high school and college, but then put her writing aside as she worked as a speech therapist for 32 years. “I used poetry with my clients to help them with their pronunciation,” Brewer said. ... READ MORE

Azaleas are your garden’s spring royalty

By: Lela Martin

Bright regal blossoms make azaleas a favorite in the spring garden. Most azalea varieties bloom from mid-April to mid-May in the mid-Atlantic area. While the hardier deciduous azaleas, which lose their leaves in fall, are native, you may be more familiar with evergreen azaleas, originally from Japan. Because azaleas have been hybridized (cross-bred) over many years, there is a wide ... READ MORE

Contemporary Art Institute opens at VCU

By: Martha Steger

The $41-million Institute for Contemporary Art at Virginia Commonwealth University — built entirely with private money and opening April 21 — is the most recent feather in Richmond’s many-feathered cap. Almost five years ago, Forbes magazine listed Virginia’s capital city as one of the top 10 up-and-coming cities in the world for entrepreneurial startups. And last year Virginia... READ MORE

First lady of public television

By: Carol Sorgen

If you’ve watched television in Baltimore during the past five decades or so, you have undoubtedly watched Rhea Feikin. “I’ve been around a long time!” the native Baltimorean laughed. Often dubbed the “First Lady” of Maryland Public Television (MPT), Feikin is currently familiar to viewers as host of the station’s on-air membership drives; anchor of MPT’s weekly... READ MORE