Q&A: Tai chi benefits; statin side-effects

By: Howard LeWine, M.D.
Posted on: November 12, 2019

Q: I have pain in both knees due to osteoarthritis. It’s not too bad, but I want to avoid surgery in the future. What are your thoughts about tai chi? A: Osteoarthritis develops when cartilage — the tissue that covers bones and acts as a cushion — deteriorates over time, eventually leading to joint damage. For the early stages of this condition, tai chi may very well decrease... READ MORE

Smart eating habits can boost well-being

By: EatingWell.com
Posted on: November 12, 2019

If you find yourself feeling irritable or sluggish, your diet may need a tune-up. How you eat — and when — can have a huge impact on how you feel. To keep your energy levels up and your mood on an even keel, follow these savvy nutrition tips. Start your day with a healthy breakfast Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Power up with a serving or two of whole... READ MORE

Who should see a geriatrician, and when?

By: Jim Miller
Posted on: November 11, 2019

Dear Savvy Senior: What can you tell me about doctors who specialize in geriatrics? My father, who’s 82, takes eight prescription drugs for different health issues but still hasn’t been feeling himself lately. I’m wondering if he would benefit by seeing a geriatrician in place of his regular primary care physician. —Concerned Daughter Dear Concerned: If your dad is... READ MORE

Can healthy gums prevent Alzheimer’s?

By: Veena Alfred
Posted on: November 08, 2019

For some time now, scientists have been aware of the connection between poor oral health and dementia. Long-term studies have revealed that those who suffer from chronic periodontitis (gum disease) are more likely to develop Alzheimer’s as they age. To explain the connection, scientists suggest that the inflammation caused by gum disease may spread to the brain and stimulate the... READ MORE

Cat scratches, bites can lead to infection

By: Christopher Boswell, M.D.
Posted on: November 07, 2019

Dear Mayo Clinic: My cat scratched me while I was trimming his claws, and the wound later became infected. Are cat scratches a special concern? A: A bite or scratch from a cat carries particular risks, and infection is common. Cat scratch disease (or cat scratch fever) is a type of bacterial infection that occurs when a cat bites or scratches hard enough to break the skin’s surface... READ MORE

Medicare Advantage plans may offer more

By: Tom Murphy
Posted on: November 06, 2019

Medicare Advantage customers are about to be blitzed with an array of new insurance benefits that stray well beyond the usual coverage of doctor visits and other care. Carpet shampooing, food for a service dog, pest control and rides to a nutritionist are among the new supplemental health benefits that privately-run versions of the government’s Medicare program may offer starting next... READ MORE