Make your own cleaning products

By: Katherine Roth

To reduce waste and avoid unnecessary plastic bottles and chemicals — and to save money — many people are opting to make cleaning products from scratch at home. You can find an abundance of recipes for household cleaning products online, along with reusable glass spray bottles designed to hold them. But not all homemade cleaning products are created equal, and some simple concoctions ... READ MORE

Pioneer changed attitudes, lives

By: Robert Friedman

Forty years ago, Marge Burba revved up her Cougar station wagon each morning to pick up five older adults and bring them to her two-story home in Olney, where the living room and kitchen were turned over to them as part of a program meant to keep them engaged during the day. At a time when a sociological theory that withdrawing from society was both natural and acceptable late in life... READ MORE

Palliative care is different from hospice

By: Jessica Roller, R.N.

Q: My friend has bad kidneys and has to start dialysis. She said she also wants to get palliative care, but I told her that’s only for people who are dying! She doesn’t believe me; can you explain it to her? A: It sounds like you are mistaking palliative care with hospice care, and you aren’t alone. Palliative care and hospice, or end-of-life, care are commonly thought to be the... READ MORE

Get the facts about flax and stay healthy

By: Lori Zanteson

Flaxseeds (flax), tiny and unassuming, may not garner a second glance, but this humble little seed is a big crowd pleaser. One of the oldest cultivated crops, flaxseed has been fully utilized by ancient civilizations. Egyptian mummies were wrapped in linen cloth made from the flax plant. Equally important was its use as food and medicine. Hippocrates, the Greek “Father of Medicine,”... READ MORE

Meds and supps to be taken with food

By: Suzy Cohen

There is much confusion about when to take herbal supplements, vitamins and medications. Do you take them on an empty stomach or with food? No matter what you take, you should be drinking a full glass of water to make sure the pill doesn’t linger in your esophagus and cause irritation. When a dietary supplement, enzyme or medication states the directive to “take with food,” it... READ MORE

Bright, crunchy Chinese chicken salad

By: America’s Test Kitchen

With its juicy oranges, tender chicken and a crunchy topping, Chinese chicken salad offers an enticing variety of tastes and textures. But many versions seem to have lost their way, weighted down with gloppy sauces, lackluster chicken, sugary canned orange segments and watery greens. We saw the potential to recast this salad in a healthier role by incorporating wholesome ingredients.... READ MORE