How to avoid paying too much for drugs

By: Matthew Perrone

“Do you have prescription insurance?” It’s one of the first questions consumers hear at the pharmacy counter, and many hand over their insurance cards in the hopes of getting a good price. But sometimes using insurance can actually cost you more — and even prevent the pharmacist from saying so. That’s because of so-called gag rules, which bar pharmacists from telling... READ MORE

Diet, exercise can keep your heart healthy

By: Tabitha Robinson

Q: My family doctor told me that I was at an increased risk of having a heart attack because I have a family history of heart disease. What can I do to reduce my risk? A: There are many lifestyle changes that can be made to help reduce your risk of heart disease. Diet and exercise will be your mainstays. You want to include plenty of fruits and vegetables, grains, and the healthy fats ... READ MORE

Issues with daughters over marriages

By: Helen Oxenberg

Dear Solutions: My daughter is getting married this summer, and although I’m thrilled at this news, I’m also very, very angry. My husband, her father, left me after 35 years of marriage, and is now living with the woman with whom he had the affair that broke up our marriage. Now my daughter is very upset because her father told her he won’t come unless that woman is part of the... READ MORE

Seven medical benefits of the kiwi fruit

By: Suzy Cohen

Kiwi is among my favorite fruits of all time. It’s also known as “Chinese Gooseberry.” The little black seeds in kiwi do more than just get stuck in your teeth. They give you a small amount of healthy omega 3 fatty acids. An average kiwi has about 30 milligrams of alpha-linolenic acid. Kiwi is a great source of natural vitamin C and A, and also a good source of natural folate,... READ MORE

Flavorful, warm roasted peach dessert

By: AP

It might seem impossible to improve on a perfect peach, but we decided to try. We wanted a simple, warm dessert that amplified the peaches’ flavor. To achieve tender, flavorful peaches with a lightly sweet glaze, we began by tossing peeled and halved peaches with a little sugar, salt, and lemon juice to season the fruit and extract some juice. To help the peaches heat through and... READ MORE

Common weight-loss mistakes to avoid

By: Mallory Creveling

From juice cleanses to super-early workouts, some common “good for you” fitness practices might actually be making it more difficult for you to get in shape. Here is a review of what not to do: Committing only to cardio. Despite what you may have heard, running or spinning shouldn’t be your only workouts — strength training is vital to fitness, too. After all, the more muscle... READ MORE