Should you be taking a fiber supplement?

By: Yan Bi, M.D., Ph.D

Dear Mayo Clinic: I experience irregularity almost weekly, and eating bran flakes every day isn’t helping. Are fiber supplements safe to use regularly and long term? Is there anything else I can do? I’m a 53-year-old woman and otherwise in excellent health. Answer: When consumed at recommended levels, dietary fiber is widely recognized to have health benefits, including relief of... READ MORE

Concerns rise over medical device problems

By: Meghan Hoyer

As better tracking finally becomes available for medical devices, patients are experiencing a number of problems related to a range of devices. Spinal-cord stimulators For years, medical device companies and doctors have touted spinal-cord stimulators as a panacea for millions of patients suffering from a wide range of pain disorders, making them one of the fastest-growing products in the ... READ MORE

Slow progress tracking medical devices

By: Meghan Hoyer

For nearly two decades, health advocates have pushed to standardize the way medical devices are tracked and studied so malfunctions and recalls — especially of implanted devices — can be quickly communicated. [See “Concerns rise over medical device problems.” ] They eventually landed on a solution that others, including other parts of the medical industry, already had adopted — ... READ MORE

Juicing, done right, can improve nutrition

By: Katherine Zeratsky, R.D.

Dear Mayo Clinic: Is juicing as healthy as some proclaim, or are some nutrients lost in the process? Answer: Juicing — extracting the juice from fresh fruits and vegetables — can be a good way to add nutrients to your diet. If you struggle to eat the recommended five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables each day, juicing can help you get there. The good news is that the... READ MORE

Maintain and improve your voice as you age

By: Howard LeWine, M.D.

Q. My voice has become less forceful and raspy as I get older. Is there anything I can do to improve it? A: It’s a common condition, known as presbylaryngis, or aging of the larynx. The result is often a raspy, hoarse tone. Our vocal cords are folds composed of muscles surrounded by softer membranous tissues. Over the years, the vocal cords can lose strength, elasticity and... READ MORE

Dancers discover a new passion in life

By: Catherine Brown

After having played competitive volleyball for nearly 30 years, Pam Bishop, 59, was ready for a change. She still enjoyed playing, but had torn her rotator cuff and had trouble with her knees.  “They sounded like Rice Krispies whenever I went up the stairs,” Bishop said. At six feet tall, she has also suffered from scoliosis. When she quit volleyball and discovered ballroom ... READ MORE