Volunteers honored for lifetime of service

By: Margaret Foster and PJ Feinstein

The Neal Potter Path of Achievement Award is presented each year to two residents of Montgomery County, Md., 60 and above whose accomplishments, enthusiasm and lifelong commitment to volunteer service make them outstanding role models for people of all ages. The award was named to honor the lifetime of achievement of former Montgomery County Executive and Councilmember Neal... READ MORE

Raising voices with joy despite dementia

By: Catherine Brown

In a bright, spacious meeting room at Salisbury Presbyterian Church, more than 20 singers gather to rehearse Broadway songs for their spring performance. The Joyful Voices group harmonizes to The Sound of Music, lifting their voices as they sing the opening words: “The hills are alive.” One member of the chorus arrives late, but the moment she walks in the door, her mouth is... READ MORE

Discount dental plans may offer savings

By: Matthew Perrone

No dental insurance? You’re not alone. Roughly 1 in 4 Americans, and about half of all older adults, don’t have dental coverage, according to industry figures. Researchers have shown that costs are a bigger obstacle to dental care in the U.S. than all other forms of healthcare. Employers are by far the biggest provider of dental insurance benefits in the U.S., accounting for... READ MORE

Not all calories affect us the same way

By: Matthew Kadey, M.D.

A long-held belief is that calories are calories no matter if they hail from bacon or broccoli. Take in fewer calories than you burn; that’s your ticket to winning the battle of the bulge. It’s true that any calorie from a food supplies a set amount of energy. But once eaten, things become more complicated. A newer era of research is making it clear that perhaps not all calories are... READ MORE

Boost your (calorie) burn

By: Environmental Nutrition

Make the calories you eat work harder for you. Protein burn: Take advantage of the extra calorie cost associated with digesting protein by including this macronutrient at meals and snacks. Fiber up: It takes more effort to breakdown fiber-rich foods, which means a greater calorie burn during digestion. So get chummy with high-fiber items like legumes and... READ MORE

Killing germs can make us less healthy

By: Claire McCarthy

Household disinfectants seem like such a good idea, especially when you have children. After all, children make messes, and killing germs helps keep children healthy, right? Not always, it turns out. Sometimes germs actually keep us healthy and keep us at a healthy weight. More and more, we are learning that not all bacteria are bad. In fact, the bacteria that live naturally in and on ... READ MORE