Viruses may play a role in Alzheimer’s

By: Lauran Neergaard

Viruses that sneak into the brain just might play a role in Alzheimer’s, scientists reported in a provocative study that promises to reignite some long-debated theories about what triggers the mind-robbing disease. The findings don’t prove viruses cause Alzheimer’s, nor do they suggest it’s contagious. But a team led by researchers at New York’s Mount Sinai Health System found... READ MORE

Beware dangers of multiple medications

By: Eleanor Laise

As many aging patients develop multiple chronic conditions, the problem of drug interactions is growing worse. A 2016 study published in JAMA Internal Medicine found that 36 percent of people age 62 to 85 were taking five or more prescription drugs in 2011, up from 31 percent five years earlier. About 15 percent of older adults are at risk of major drug interactions, up from 8 percent in ... READ MORE

Creative shoe lacing helps ease foot pain

By: Howard LeWine, M.D.

Q: I just bought my third pair of gym shoes, and none of them seem to be comfortable. Could I be tying them wrong? A: Today’s mass-produced shoes often don’t accommodate the quirks of individual feet, which may be wide or narrow, or have arches that are high or low. Retying your shoes can make adjustments for those differences, and in some cases, ease your pain. Foot pain might ... READ MORE

How to know if you have food sensitivities

By: Esther L. Ellis., R.D.

Food intolerances are on the rise. Today more than nine million adults suffer from food allergies. The Internet is rife with ads for “food sensitivity” testing kits, and some healthcare providers offer quick testing to find the foods that ail you. However, many tests can give false results, which may do more harm than good. Food sensitivities defined There is no commonly accepted... READ MORE

Can brain games lower dementia risk?

By: David Knopman, M.D.

Dear Mayo Clinic: Do puzzles and other activities or apps that claim to lower one’s risk of developing dementia actually work? Are there other things people can do to decrease the risk? Answer: Doing activities that stimulate your brain may reduce your risk of developing dementia. But it’s more complex than taking up puzzles or computer games at age 65. Research suggests that the ... READ MORE

How to safely buy medications online

By: A Wellness Update

Protect yourself and your family by using caution when buying medicine online. There are many pharmacy websites that operate legally and offer convenience, privacy, and safeguards for purchasing medicines. But the U.S. Food and Drug Administration warns that there are many rogue online pharmacies that claim to sell prescription medicines at deeply discounted prices, often without... READ MORE