Understand burns and how to treat them

By: Henry Schiller, M.D.

Dear Mayo Clinic: What’s the best way to treat a minor burn? At what point does a burn require medical care? The level of care needed for a burn depends on how extensive the tissue damage is from the burn. Minor burns can often be treated at home without seeing a healthcare provider. Burns considered “minor” include first-degree burns and second-degree burns that are no larger... READ MORE

Threat grows from ‘nightmare bacteria’

By: Marilynn Marchione

“Nightmare bacteria” — those with unusual resistance to antibiotics of last resort — were found more than 200 times in the United States last year in a first-of-a-kind hunt to see how much of a threat these rare cases are becoming, health officials said. That’s more than they had expected to find. And the true number is probably higher because the effort involved only certain... READ MORE

Ways to improve your memory and focus

By: Mary Kane

When retired professor Darlene Howard taught in the psychology department of Georgetown University, she often had to remember the names of as many as 50 students a semester. So she used a memory trick: She created an association with each student’s name or face. A student with the last name of Brady might make her think of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. The next time she... READ MORE

Obesity may rob the tongue of taste buds

By: Lauran Neergaard

Packing on pounds seems to dull people’s sense of taste, and puzzled researchers turned to mice to figure out why: Obesity, they found, can rob the tongue of taste buds. If these recent findings pan out, “this could be a whole new kind of target in treating obesity,” said Cornell University food scientist Robin Dando, whose lab led the research. “People don’t really look at the ... READ MORE

Debate over ‘right to try’ experimental meds

By: Matthew Perrone

The idea is a political crowd-pleaser with a catchy slogan: giving desperately ill patients the “right to try” experimental medicines. Last month, lawmakers in the U.S. House of Representatives became the latest group of politicians to back the effort, sending a bill to the Senate, which President Donald Trump has pledged to sign into law. A federal right-to-try law — first... READ MORE

Glow-in-the-dark dyes to identify cancers

By: Marilynn Marchione

It was an ordinary surgery to remove a tumor — until doctors turned off the lights and the patient’s chest started to glow. A spot over his heart shined purplish pink. Another shimmered in a lung. They were hidden cancers revealed by fluorescent dye, an advance that soon may transform how hundreds of thousands of operations are done each year. Surgery has long been the best way to ... READ MORE