Turn ‘my’ retirement into ‘our’ retirement

By: Helen Oxenberg

Dear Solutions: Since I retired, my wife keeps making appointments for us to go places and do things constantly. I told her that I worked very hard, and now I just want to stay home and listen to my music, read, relax and do nothing. So now, she doesn’t say anything during the day but just goes out all day. The problem is that as soon as we get into bed at night she starts... READ MORE

A variety of teas — good for what ails you

By: Suzy Cohen

We’re doing something wrong because, as a nation, we spend twice what other comparable countries spend on healthcare, but we have the lowest life expectancy. Worse, we have the highest infant mortality rates. Our medical system is expensive, slow, inefficient, and at times miserably incompetent. It’s not me saying this, I’m just passing along news from a recent study published in... READ MORE

A tasty crusted salmon done in minutes

By: Melissa D’Arabian

I like to have a small repertoire of dishes that require hardly any prep, and that use ingredients I have on hand. The trick, of course, is to keep those ingredients on hand! Stock your pantry with frozen wild salmon filets and Dijon mustard and you will never be more than a few sheet-pan minutes away from a tasty crusted salmon. While the ingredients might change up a bit depending... READ MORE

Healthy men 55+ sought for paid research

By: Barbara Ruben

Some studies show that when you get cold, you burn more calories to keep your body warm. A kind of body fat called brown fat may be especially good at burning calories. Brown fat is a special kind of fat, typically having a greater number of blood vessels, that can quickly generate warmth. For many years, hibernating animals and infants have been known to have brown fat. Recently, it has ... READ MORE

Why is ‘more study’ so often needed?

By: Dr. Robert Shmerling

Q: Why is it that I so often hear about medical news with a wishy-washy conclusion and the last words being “more study needed”? A: It’s true. When medical research is described in the news — no matter how promising — the last line is usually a disclaimer about how more research is needed. That may seem surprising given the positive results and often dramatic implications of ... READ MORE

Ways to maximize your Medicare benefits

By: Eleanor Laise

Medicare is vital to the health of nearly 60 million Americans. Yet many of its benefits are overlooked, underused or misunderstood. Consider the annual “wellness” visit, during which a doctor will assess your health risks, take your blood pressure and other routine measurements, check for cognitive impairment, and offer personalized health advice. It’s free. Yet less than 11... READ MORE