It’s alive! Young Frankenstein at Toby’s

By: Rebekah Alcalde

Prepare for some wild, thoroughly irreverent fun at Toby’s Dinner Theatre with the current show Young Frankenstein, the musical based on Mel Brooks’ hit cult/comedy film from 1974. The musical version was created much more recently, in 2007, but it’s definitely true to the original movie — not surprising since the music and lyrics are also by Brooks himself. Coming on the heels... READ MORE

World premiere focuses on Cone sisters

By: Robert Friedman

What’s it all about — art, literature, love, life? Those are questions the play All She Must Possess attempts to explore to varying degrees in Baltimore playwright Susan McCully’s meta-theater premiere, being presented by Rep Stage at Howard Community College. The 80-minute, one-act play doesn’t just break the “fourth wall,” it tears it down completely. Here, “the... READ MORE

Care for hip fracture patients with dementia

By: Carol Sorgen

Since 1983, researchers in the Division of Gerontology at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, have been gathering data on more than 2,000 hip fracture patients with the goal of identifying promising ways to improve their recovery. The University of Maryland and the National Institute on Aging are currently recruiting participants for a pilot study that will evaluate a home-based... READ MORE

Spotlight on Russian crafts

By: Carol Sorgen

Chalk it up to my Russian heritage, but I’ve long been fascinated by Russian crafts, and by Fabergé eggs, in particular. So the current exhibition at the Walters Art Museum, “Fabergé and the Russian Crafts Tradition: An Empire’s Legacy,” was right up my alley. But you don’t have to have a Russian grandmother to appreciate this exquisite display. Fabergé eggs are renowned for ... READ MORE

Designing sparkling careers

By: Carol Sorgen

Dr. Lori Gottlieb’s eyes started to blur and she developed double vision about 14 years ago, but numerous surgeries couldn’t help her. She realized that her life as a general surgeon was over, so she walked away from her medical career. Still being good with her hands, she turned to crafts. For a while, because her eyes function at varying levels throughout the day, she was making... READ MORE

Exhibits highlight black photographers

By: Cathy Brown

In an arrestingly beautiful photograph, the crescent-shaped opening of a niqab, a Muslim face cover, reveals a woman’s dark skin, the white of the garment mirroring the whites of her probing eyes. The tight composition and simplicity of the image highlight the woman’s intent gaze. In an interview about his photographic portraits, artist Chester Higgins once said, “What I find most... READ MORE