Making and living modern women’s history

By: Connie George

For a young college graduate in the 1960s with admittedly no clear vision for her future, writer and editor Suzanne Braun Levine ended up on a career trajectory that has made her one of the most accomplished authorities on women and family issues.Her long list of professional achievements includes having been the first editor of Ms., the groundbreaking magazine that launched 40 years ago... READ MORE

Savage Gallery has a benevolent bent

By: Connie George

After several years on the local art fair circuit and a couple in partnership with a gallery on Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs, artist Shawn Savage has made a place for himself with his own gallery and event space near the airport.The 2,000-square-foot Savage Gallery & Boutique, which opened about 15 months ago, allows him to pursue all his varied creative and community interests... READ MORE

Color Purple musical is masterful, moving

By: Michael Toscano

I’m not quite sure where it came from, but as the applause began to die down at the conclusion of a recent performance of the musical The Color Purple at Toby’s Dinner Theatre in Columbia, Md., I wrote one final word in my notebook: redemption. That was unusual.My eyes were moist. That’s not entirely unusual. I am a sentimental person and susceptible to the evocations of... READ MORE

Contemporary print fair returns to the BMA

By: Carol Sorgen

You can take a closer look at prints by leading contemporary artists and innovators in printmaking when the Baltimore Museum of Art (BMA) brings together 20 presses, printers and galleries from around the country for the Baltimore Contemporary Print Fair on April 28 and 29.This biennial event provides new and established collectors the opportunity to peruse and purchase limited... READ MORE

Maryland’s new Senior Idol from Elkridge

By: Robert Friedman

MaryAnn Evangelista, who teaches voice and piano in Elkridge, won kudos for her own vocal expression when she was named this year’s Maryland Senior Idol.The attractive 63-year-old lyric soprano, a Howard County resident for the past 23 years, was judged best of 16 contestants who had been selected from auditions conducted throughout the state. The finals were held at the Bowie... READ MORE

Film noir festival celebrates dark cinema

By: Connie George

“You can tell you’re watching film noir when in the first 10 minutes the main protagonist gets screwed over and it goes downhill from there,” said Alan K. Rode, director of the 12th Annual Arthur Lyons Film Festival that will celebrate the moody, melodramatic genre May 10 to 13 in Palm Springs.Movies from this classic cinematic era were mainly produced between the... READ MORE