Simple gadgets that can help older drivers

By: Jim Miller

Dear Savvy Senior: Are there any specific auto gadgets you can recommend that can help older drivers? Both of my parents are in their 80s and still pretty good drivers, but due to arthritis and age they’re very stiff, which causes them some driving problems.  — Researching Daughter Dear Researching: To help keep older drivers safe and prolong their driving years, there’s a... READ MORE

Beacon Links & Apps – August

By: Erin Yu and Barbara Ruben

Links Helping you help others There are many online fundraising sites today, but CaringCrowd is distinctive because it is solely dedicated to raising money for global public health causes — from projects helping sick moms in Malawi, to repairing children’s hearts in India. More than $900,000 has been pledged to projects so far. Any nonprofit organization can submit a campaign idea... READ MORE

How Google aims to simplify your life

By: Ryan Nakashima and Mae Anderson

Google put the spotlight on its artificial intelligence smarts at its recent annual developers conference, announcing new consumer features aimed at simplifying your life. Many of the updates have a practical bent, designed to ease tasks such as composing emails, making lists, navigating city streets, and lessening the digital distractions that have increasingly addled people’s lives... READ MORE

Beacon Links & Apps – June 2018

By: Barbara Ruben

Links Get on the road The Roadtrippers website shows travelers what lies between point A and point B when they’re on the road. Enter a starting point and a destination, and Roadtrippers will map out the trip, highlighting places of interest — without too much of a detour — that make getting there half the fun. Users can also look for food and hotels on the route, and read about... READ MORE

Budget-friendly cars offer high-tech aids

By: Jonathan Elfalan

Automakers have come a long way from safety features such as seat belts and air bags that are meant to prevent injuries in a crash. Today, manufacturers are adding “advanced driver aids” that can fend off an accident in the first place. And there’s a good chance that your next new car will have them. What’s an advanced driver aid? It’s kind of like an autonomous sidekick... READ MORE

How do seniors take to Alexa?

By: Carol Sorgen

Shirley Crowder lives by herself in Weinberg Place, a part of the CHAI (Comprehensive Housing Assistance, Inc.) community in Northwest Baltimore. Though her son and daughter live nearby and she sees them frequently, it’s not the same as having someone in the apartment with her. Welcome home, Alexa! Alexa is Amazon’s voice-activated digital “know it all.” Thanks to a pilot... READ MORE