Macbeth’s outdoor set adds atmosphere

By Mark Dreisonstok
Posted on July 05, 2023

Summer evenings are the perfect time to watch a Shakespeare play outdoors. This month, the Chesapeake Shakespeare Company — in particular, its Black Classical Acting Ensemble — presents an outstanding outdoor version of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, directed superbly by Lauren Davis. The ensemble was established in 2021 “for Black artists to find and nurture their authentic voices in... READ MORE

Chita Rivera publishes her first memoir

By Leslie Ambriz
Posted on June 21, 2023

It’s hard to imagine Anita, Rose Alvarez and Velma Kelly without Chita Rivera, who first breathed life into these beloved Broadway characters. At a time when there was limited Latino representation on stage, this young woman of Puerto Rican, Scottish and Irish descent was taking Broadway by storm and ensuring everyone knew her name. The dancer-turned-Broadway legend reminisces in... READ MORE

Recalling what our lives were like in 1968

By Bob Levey
Posted on June 13, 2023

He walked up to me at an academic conference wearing an inquisitive expression. I said hello and introduced myself. He did the same. Then this student said to me: “I’d like to know more about 1968. Can you help me?” My reply: “How much time ya got?” For all of us who waded, wandered, worried and worked through that epic year of American history, 1968 remains an obvious... READ MORE

Local authors tell of murder, satire, more

By Dinah Rokach
Posted on June 08, 2023

The Bibliophile These accomplished writers will mesmerize you with their fascinating accounts of true crime, the life of a beloved local figure, and a forgotten chapter in aviation history. Blood Runs Coal: The Yablonski Murders and the Battle for the United Mine Workers of America, by Mark A. Bradley, 368 pages, W.W. Norton & Company paperback, 2021 On December 9, 1969,... READ MORE

Honoring volunteers for decades of work

By Beacon staff
Posted on June 07, 2023

For the past 25 years, Montgomery County, Maryland, has chosen two older adults to receive the annual Neal Potter Path of Achievement Award for their lifelong commitment to volunteer work. The awards, named after former County Executive Neal Potter, are co-sponsored by the Montgomery County Commission on Aging and the Beacon Newspapers. This year, the county selected Dr. Carol Garvey, ... READ MORE

Play highlights Hollywood compromises

By Lynda Lantz
Posted on June 05, 2023

It turns out that pairing a Midwestern historian who writes a bestselling book on the Chinese Exclusion Act with a Hollywood producer who wants to turn it into television gold is a recipe for a hilarious and moving comedy. At least, this is true for Exclusion, the 10th production in a series of works Arena Stage theater commissioned for its Power Plays initiative. It is also longtime... READ MORE

Artist Hal Boyd makes ‘art that is mine’

By Ana Preger Hart
Posted on May 23, 2023

Baltimore artist Hal Boyd’s paintings give observers the feeling that they’re in a dream: People dressed to the nines are waltzing in the moonlight while a gazelle looks on nearby (“Gazelle,” 2012); a bride and groom pose for a traditional wedding portrait, while candles dance behind the bride and two ghostly figures kiss in the background (“Bride & Groom,” 1989);... READ MORE

Finding nostalgia in your nearby grocery

By Bob Levey
Posted on May 09, 2023

These days, grocery shopping can and will take you far beyond groceries. Need nylons? Birthday cards? Blue jeans? A lunchbox festooned with cartoon characters? Your friendly local store has them all. Not to mention sushi, exotic white wine and Advil (could there be a connection?). But the other day, as I trundled through the cleansers aisle, I spied an item that made my rotten... READ MORE

Books reveal untold World War II stories

By Dinah Rokach
Posted on May 04, 2023

The Bibliophile Even today, remarkable tales about the Second World War are emerging. These books shed light on lesser-known aspects of the war and of heroes from the Greatest Generation. Immortal Valor: The Black Medal of Honor Recipients of World War II, by Robert Child, 288 pages, Osprey hardcover, 2022; paperback, June 2023 The Medal of Honor is the highest military... READ MORE

Alexandria’s corner jewelry shop endures

By Glenda C. Booth
Posted on May 01, 2023

It may not have the pizazz and glitter of Tiffany’s, but David Martin’s 800-square-foot Virginia shop and studio, Gold Works, glows nonetheless. For 33 years, Martin has designed, made, restored and sold jewelry in the modest brick building on the corner of Old Town Alexandria’s King and West Streets. “This store is my wife and my baby,” Martin said. Gold Works sparkles with ... READ MORE