Jurors announced for amateur art contest

By: The Beacon

The Beacon’s Celebration of the Arts — an online competition for amateur artists over 50 — continues to invite entries from throughout the Baltimore/Washington area in four categories: Painting and Drawing, Sculpture/Jewelry/Pottery/Mixed Media, Photography and Poetry. Prizes include cash awards and gallery showings (including a showing in downtown D.C. at the Pepco Gallery, and... READ MORE

Stories of presidential retreat Camp David

By: Danielle E. Gaines

From re-smoothing rumpled snow to dressing walkways with perfectly imperfect fallen leaves, much goes into creating a soothing — and orderly and secure — rustic mountain retreat for U.S. presidents. “Everything looks so natural, but it’s kind of perfect,” retired Rear Admiral Michael Giorgione, a former Camp David commanding officer, said in a recent interview. Released to... READ MORE

How much do you know about pollinators?

By: Lela Martin

Does your morning include a cup of coffee, a mug of hot cocoa, or a glass of orange juice? You have pollinator insects to thank. From almonds to zucchini, most fruit and vegetable crops, nuts and seeds rely on pollinators. In fact, pollinators are critical to the production of one-third of our food and beverages. Additionally, fiber crops (such as cotton) and hay to feed livestock... READ MORE

Local authors’ books enlighten, educate

By: Dinah Rokach

We are blessed to have living among us in this area talented writers, journalists and medical professionals whose books add light and depth to our understanding and knowledge. Treating People Well: The Extraordinary Power of Civility at Work and in Life, by Lea Berman and Jeremy Bernard, 256 pages, Scribner hardcover, 2018. This practical guide to improving your social skills includes ... READ MORE

On the James River, glimpsing bald eagles

By: Martha Steger

Mike Ostrander pilots his six-person pontoon boat down a five-mile stretch of the James River, known as Jefferson’s Reach. Passengers first see osprey, and soon after Captain Mike points to eagle chicks’ heads peering over the edge of a nest. “There are two great blue heron rookeries at one spot near Jones Neck. One I can see, and one not, as it’s on an island hidden by trees,” ... READ MORE

Healing through movement and dance

By: Rebekah Alcalde

When May Kesler was a little girl, her mother, a pediatrician, noticed she walked with her toes turned inward and suggested she try ballet classes to help correct it. “She gave me a book about a young girl who had weak legs, and her doctor told her to take ballet classes. She did, and turned out to be the star of the show,” she recalled. Like the girl in the story, Kesler fell in... READ MORE