Retro-Rockets keep audiences dancing

By: Anne Ball

"Sentimental Journey," "Misty," "Rock Around the Clock" — most of the couples on the dance floor were in their teens and 20s when these tunes were topping the weekly Hit Parade selections.The dancers are smiling, but they’re concentrating on their moves, too. Swinging arms high, hands clasped with their partners, they sway, twirl and dip. A few... READ MORE

An assemblage of varied artistic interests

By: Connie George

An 88-year-old working artist in Palm Springs with a long history of exhibitions and awards has found an ideal way to combine all of her creative interests into one art form — assemblage.Peggy Vermeer, who spent several decades painting in oils and acrylics while occasionally venturing into sculpture, batik, papermaking and print making, discovered four years ago that her fascination... READ MORE

Delightful Pygmalion much more than fair

By: Michael Toscano

Well, you certainly have your choice here, as Eliza Doolittle has come to town in two strikingly different vehicles. Arena Stage has the Lerner and Loewe musical classic My Fair Lady, based on the George Bernard Shaw play Pygmalion. Meanwhile, Washington Stage Guild is presenting the source material itself, Shaw’s original 1913 play.Many theater lovers will see both, of course, as My... READ MORE

Making and living modern women’s history

By: Connie George

For a young college graduate in the 1960s with admittedly no clear vision for her future, writer and editor Suzanne Braun Levine ended up on a career trajectory that has made her one of the most accomplished authorities on women and family issues.Her long list of professional achievements includes having been the first editor of Ms., the groundbreaking magazine that launched 40 years ago... READ MORE

Savage Gallery has a benevolent bent

By: Connie George

After several years on the local art fair circuit and a couple in partnership with a gallery on Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs, artist Shawn Savage has made a place for himself with his own gallery and event space near the airport.The 2,000-square-foot Savage Gallery & Boutique, which opened about 15 months ago, allows him to pursue all his varied creative and community interests... READ MORE

Color Purple musical is masterful, moving

By: Michael Toscano

I’m not quite sure where it came from, but as the applause began to die down at the conclusion of a recent performance of the musical The Color Purple at Toby’s Dinner Theatre in Columbia, Md., I wrote one final word in my notebook: redemption. That was unusual.My eyes were moist. That’s not entirely unusual. I am a sentimental person and susceptible to the evocations of... READ MORE